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ORM Fundamentals

The Complete Guide to Managing Your Online Reputation for Small Businesses Online reputation management (ORM) is one of the fundamental elements of running a business in today’s corporate climate. Customers rarely forget poor business decisions and mishandled PR campaigns, so it’s important to circumvent that in the first place. Based on Small Biz Genius, over […]
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big content

Big Content

Big Content: What Is It And How Can It Boost Traffic To Your Website? The web is swamped with blogs, videos and information on almost every topic imaginable. Whether it’s e-commerce, felt crafting tips or a curated list of life hacks, there’s little space left for new brands to fill. With that considered, how can […]
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Online reputation management- an online makeover or a purple prose

The way companies interact with their consumers today through the internet has changed manifolds in recent years. The interaction between the companies and customers have changed as well. Becoming more of a two-way communication nowadays. What facilitated this communication is online reputation management or ORM. ORM is often misconstrued with monitoring an entity’s social media […]
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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Reputation Management for Your Brand

Online Reputation Management or SEO Reputation Management is a crucial part of any marketing strategy in the digital world. How you handle your brand’s reputation challenges can make or mar your business. Your brand needs a reputation that is authentic and trustworthy, so you need to invest in it.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Reputation Management […]
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Strategies that make ORM a great opportunity for the businesses

10 years ago, advertisements, TV commercials were hot platforms for all business entities to expand. Internet was making its way slowly and technology was picking up with the introduction of apps and their usage. Within 10 years the technological advancements showed such an exponential growth that television, print media were overtaken by the wave of […]
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5 Reputation Management Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

A brand’s reputation – one that inspires trust, emphasizes authenticity, and generates customer loyalty – is a powerful tool in a digital era. Yet too many brands think that reputation is something that looks after itself. In fact, curated reputation management is essential in projecting a strong image of your brand. Let’s take a look […]
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Guide to Online Reputation Management mistakes to avoid

It’s easy to create a brand and at the same time, it’s difficult to nurture it. It’s rather extremely challenging in today’s fast paced digital age. Businesses are proactively managing the online reputation. However, in some scenarios, unconsciously we tend to commit a few online reputation management mistakes that cost us our brand. As your […]
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mind mapping

7 Ways Mind Mapping Helps Small Businesses

Any business should take pride in innovation, because it’s the lifeblood of any creative and successful idea that revolves around the business. Adapting to change and being open to ideas are essential to the success of the business; so, when conceiving ideas and products, Mind Mapping is a valuable tool to have when running a […]
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Online reputation management


“A good reputation is more valuable than money”-Publilius Syrus The famous quote has great impact in today’s digital world. Where a positive online reputation can build your brand or product, thus increase your sales. This brings us to next important step which is how much value an online reputation management system can add to our […]
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Restore and Protect your customers’ trust

The prime responsibility of all organizations across the world is to restore customer trust in the ongoing uncertain situation. After an extended period in lockdown, the countries are opening their local markets with strict rules and regulations for outlets, shops etc. People are excited for the new normal but the footfall in local markets, hypermarkets […]
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Developing a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Marketing is important. You’d be hard-pressed to find a business that doesn’t agree with that statement, even small mom-and-pop stores. Although what “marketing” looks like is different for every business, it’s a vital aspect that business owners cannot ignore. Unfortunately, many fail to develop a true marketing strategy that works for them. They may put […]
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