2020 Reputation trends to reinvent your business

2020 reputation trends

2020 has started and the celebrations are completed. By now probably everyone must be back to work, especially marketing team who must have started with 2020 reputation management strategies. Before that, did you or your team perform market research about various reputation trends that are gearing up in 2020.

If not, you’ve landed on right page. Here at eEndorsements we manage your online reputation management and in our earnest endeavor to serve you better, we have prepared a list of upcoming reputation trends to help you create competitive and success-oriented reputation strategies.

Let’s begin!

1. Influencer marketing– Bridge your way to audience relationship

With more and more access to internet, every nook and corner of the world is exposed to world wide web. Consumers are more expressive and don’t refrain from testing a product/service to writing against them. In such scenarios, the best methodology is to connect people via people. That’s when influencer marketing comes into play where influential consumers study your product/service and pitch it based on their skills and style of presentation.  Reports studied that marketers believe that influencer marketing increased brand awareness by 80%.

2. Testimonial and Interactive Video Marketing

Words matter a lot. But in 2020, one of the major reputation trends that needs to be embedded in your marketing plan is reaching out to consumers via interactive content, video marketing and testimonials. The humanized touch in marketing makes the difference. People can relate to a person talking in a video much more than a person giving feedback in writing.  Interactive content can also be in the form of developing creative videos that explain about your product/service.

3. Augmented reality- Virtual connection

Another major reputation trend is to connect virtually to the consumers. Various fashion brands for instance have installed AR into their online selling portals to allow consumers have a real-time experience using the products. Such experiences increase the chances of sales in addition to gaining accolades as a tech-savvy brand. Consumers appreciate brands who keep up with the technology and strive hard to give the best experience to the customers anywhere anytime.

4. Target micro moments- Make the best of them

Micro moments are quickly gaining popularity owing to the large chunk of information present online. When consumers search for a piece of information or shop online or need assistance in something, make sure you end up in that search. For instance, when people type in, I want to go to dentist. Your job is to make sure you end up first in their search by optimizing the website accordingly.

These are the major reputation trends that will need attention to carefully curate marketing strategies and manage online reputation.