3 Ideas for Business Reputation Repair

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3 Ideas for Business Reputation Repair


Starting a business means beginning with a clean slate, particularly when it comes to your reputation. Unfortunately, the slate doesn’t always stay clean. It’s nearly unavoidable that starting and growing your business is process full of trial and error, and sometimes, you need to do a little bit of quality control. But what to do when it comes time to repair your reputation? Once trust is lost between you and your customers and clients, what’s the fastest way to get it back?


The reality is that in the age of social media, a business’ reputation — particularly an online reputation — is shockingly easy to attack and destroy.  When it comes to business reputation repair the best defense is a good offense: If you incorporate reputation building and repair into your business model, you can avoid being blindsided when the inevitable reputation hiccups eventually occur.


To save yourself from this unnecessary fate, there are a few precautions you can take. For starters, you can create Google Alerts for your company name, the products you sell, and the members of your team. That way, you’ll be alerted to any malfeasance before much of the general public has a chance to come across it.


Secondly, you can push positive social media content, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube posts, early and often, so potential clients (and even those who might be uncertain about your services after reading a bad review) have plenty of solid, uplifting, and positive information about your company to find when they type your name into google.


Finally, consider employing a public relations strategy along with your business plan. There are plenty of resources on the latter, and doing so (along with taking the other two precautions) can help business reputation repair before any serious damage to your brand.