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Modern business cards are a perfect example of how vital multitasking is in today’s business landscape. On every business card, you’ll find a phone number, website, email address, and all relevant social media links. While social media came into the equation last, it is now one of the easiest ways for consumers to connect with a brand. However, email is a very effective way for brands to connect with consumers, thus making way for email marketing.

Social media helps brands raise awareness, whereas email helps them convert prospects into customers. Combining the two is a one-two-punch strategy for businesses looking to boost their client base, as well as sales. In fact, many of the brands that you know and love are already doing this. You can follow in their footsteps by using social media to promote your email marketing and vice versa. Furthermore, to be able to connect more to audience, email marketing with relevant content can help you to maintain and promote your brands’s online reputation. Here are six tips on how you can combine email marketing with social media.

Link Up Emails

Regardless of which email marketing service you use, there’s always the possibility to promote your social media profiles via email. Whether they’re in the body of the email or tacked onto the footer, you can subtly let your subscribers know about your social media presence. If the email is explicitly designed to promote your social media, try to include social proof. By incorporating videos or images of your brand in action, you will encourage your subscribers to interact with it.

Adding connect and share buttons are also an effective way to link subscribers up with social media. For instance, you can add connect buttons in the footer of your email to entice subscribers. Share buttons are another helpful way to get subscribers to interact with your email marketing content. It’s also a good idea to include connect buttons on your unsubscribe newsletter page. Just because people don’t want to receive emails from you, doesn’t mean they don’t want to follow your brand.

Import Subscribers List

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin make it easy for you to upload contacts. This is a straightforward way to connect with current subscribers. When you follow your subscribers on social media, they are likely to follow you back to close the circle. Even if they don’t, you can use that social media connection to learn more about your subscribers’ needs and wants.

Connecting with subscribers on social media allows you to put a face to a name on the email list. This can help you give a more personalized experience and cultivate brand loyalty. Additionally, you can use social media to find out subscriber pain points or desires. With this information, you can improve your email marketing strategy. Using this information to your advantage can help ensure that you post interesting content and gain some new followers along the way.

Improve Targeted Ads

Social media has transformed the marketing world into a playground for influencers. It seems that every day, the biggest celebrities, YouTubers, and bloggers are sharing their new ‘favorite’ products with us. Although your brand may not be able to afford to sponsor an influencer, you can use targeted ads to get similar results. Target ads help you reach out to specific and segmented parts of your ideal audience, but, they cost money, too. Therefore, it’s an excellent idea to use the same email marketing tactics in your targeted ads.

Analyzing effective subject lines and calls to action is not uncommon for email marketers. In fact, these email marketing strategies can help you create more effective targeted ads on social media. Since you already know what works, why not make those marketing strategies work double time. Effective ads will give your brand more visibility, reach out to your target audience, help gain more followers, and raise your brand reputation.

Recycle Content

Creating stunning content takes time, and there are no buts about it. Designers and content creators spend their time dreaming up the next great graphic, gif, or photo caption for your brand. Why not cut them some slack by choosing to repurpose or recycle your content? However, you shouldn’t recycle everything as that would disincentivize following your brand on social or joining the newsletter.

Here are a few tools you can use to repurpose your older content:

  • Studicus.com — A popular writing service that hires high-quality niche writers only. Businesses and individuals can hire them for rewriting services.
  • BuzzSumo — You can use this service to find the most relevant topics on the Internet and reuse some of the content you’ve written previously.
  • BestEssayEducation — This is another popular writing service that can handle huge amounts of rewriting and writing tasks.
  • Airstory — This service allows you to save drafts, finished texts, and other types of content. It’s very flexible and has an intuitive interface.
  • SEMRush is another great tool you can use to make content research, which will give you an in-depth understanding of what topics are currently popular and how you can reuse your old content. 

Still, it’s a good idea to recycle visual content that is relevant to a current campaign or even slogans for a promotion. Brands looking to save time and money can benefit a lot from this strategy. After all, it’s quick, easy, and no one really minds seeing the same content a couple of times. You aren’t going to get an enraged email or snarky comments from followers about recycling your content. Your audience will probably just think that this content is indicative of your signature style.

Use Social to Promote the Newsletter

At times it seems that there is a disconnect between your subscribers list and your social media following. This appears to be part of the marketing territory of today, people simply interact with content differently. The interaction you receive from content online depends immensely on the age group of your target audience. Some say that email marketing isn’t as appealing for younger generations, but that’s not entirely true.

Young people are happy to receive emails from brands they really love. Therefore using social media to promote your newsletter is a great way to increase subscription numbers. Social media is the main way that youngsters connect with one another these days. Prompt your followers to sign up for your newsletter on social media, they’ll be happy to do so. Should your brand offer freebies and contests, then you can also leverage these for new subscribers, as well.

Facebook Call to Action

Facebook has mastered the online business profile and even surpassed Google when it comes to finding out information about businesses. This social media site makes it easy for followers to get more information about your business in an instant. It even incorporates a perfectly-placed call-to-action button that followers can use to interact with you or your content. This tool is excellent for the integration of your social media and email marketing strategies.

“Facebook gives you the ability to input any link here and create the call-to-action of your choice. To boost your subscribers, you can easily add a link to your newsletter subscription page. Of course, you’ll want to let followers know what they should expect, so include a Sign Up button. Then, watch your newsletter audience increase exponentially.” — Bridgette Hernandez, writer at Is Accurate.


Email marketing and social media don’t have to exist in separate worlds. You can use these two powerful strategies together to promote your business even more effectively. Be sure to give your social media platforms visibility in all of your emails. Also, consider connecting with your current subscribers on social media for more customer insight.

With the knowledge you collect from your superb email marketing you can create potent targeted ads on social media. You can even save yourself time and money by re purposing your awesome creative content. Make social media work for you and use it to promote your newsletter. Last but not least, take advantage of Facebook’s call-to-action button to connect with future subscribers. We wish you the best of luck with your marketing endeavors and hope that these tips can help you better promote your business.

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