7 Tips to Write a Press Release for Reputation Management


When you’re running a business or representing a brand, an online presence is immensely important. How people feel about you, and what they think about you can depend on the information they’re presented with. Your blog, social media accounts, and your website are just a small portion of what’s out there. There are social mentions, news, and articles mentioning you that you can’t control.

A press release for reputation management is one way to take control of the information about your business or brand and try and prevail in distributing information online. The only problem is, you need to know how to write a great press release. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 7 best tips to help you write a great press release for reputation management.

Let’s break it down together.

1. Determine a Clear Goal

A press release needs to have a clear goal that it aims to accomplish. It should be simple and clearly defined. If you don’t have a clear goal, you might end up saying so many things, but actually not saying anything. So, decide on a goal such as:

  • announcing a new product
  • reveal a collaboration deal
  • comment on an issue or rumors
  • give an official statement about a social happening
  • announce a big event
  • damage control after a scandal

Choose the purpose of your press release and build up to it in the entire piece. Don’t let your readers get distracted or confused about what you have to say.

2. Use Trending Topics

If you want your press release to reach as many people as possible, you should write it concerning a trending topic. Your target audience follows the main news and trending topics from your niche. Explore and discover those topics to use them in your press release for reputation management.

So, let’s say there’s a major social crisis that people are talking about- like the coronavirus outbreak in March of 2020. You could write a press release saying how your business is affected or how your brand plans to aid those in need of medical or financial help.

Here’s the effect you’ll achieve:

  • people will search for trending topics
  • they’ll run into your press release
  • you’ll have potentially new audience members or even clients
  • your loyal audience will love to see you sting updated

Use trending topics to skyrocket your press release.

3. Use SEO Techniques

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique that marketers use to make their content rank higher in Google search results. Since you want your press release to rank high as well, you should use SEO.

The basic yet highly effective principles of SEO are as follow:

  • finding the right keywords that your target audience will search for
  • keyword implementation to make them fit the content naturally
  • avoiding keyword stuffing
  • looking out for your biggest competitors

Check out these good writing websites in case you need extra help with making the press release sound natural. Use SEO to have your content reach the right audience and rank higher in Google search results.

4. Offer Exclusive Information

Nobody wants to read yesterday’s news. But, if there’s something no one has published before, chances are people are going to read it without thinking.

This is why you should always aim at making your press release worth reading.

You can do this by including:

  • new data
  • latest news
  • exclusive information

If it’s fresh and nobody published it before you, you’ll win over the target audience and have the rush to read your press release. This will also motivate them to keep an eye on any future releases you publish.

5. Include Quotes

A press release needs to be backed up by some evidence, data, or reliable information. You can’t just write your opinion and hope people believe you.

This is why it’s always a good idea to include someone the public knows and get them to give you a quote.

It could be anyone:

  • expert on the subject matter
  • company CEO
  • the influencer you’re collaborating with
  • a business partner
  • someone from your team

By adding quotes from notable people, you’re giving your press release the credibility it needs. This will let your target audience know you did a thorough job investigating and fact-checking before you did the press release.

6. Show Brand Personality

As we’ve already mentioned, everything you do online is noted by people from your industry and your customers. Your branding strategy needs to include everything you do online. Otherwise, it won’t come across as authentic. 

That includes even the shortest comment you leave at someone’s social media.

It means that you have to ensure everything you ever write in the name of your business or brand is consistent. It has to show:

  • brand personality
  • brand image
  • a unique style of writing

You can’t write a press release that doesn’t align with your blog posts or social media captions. Make sure it all fits the same mold- your brand personality.

7.Watch Your Accuracy

Whatever your press release is about, you have to remember it represents your business or brand. Your reputation is at stake, so you have to make sure you’re professional in everything you do.

This is why accuracy is extremely important.

Your press release needs to be edited and proofread until there are no:

  • spelling mistakes
  • grammar mistakes
  • vocabulary issues
  • sentence structure issues

If you need help to achieve this level of accuracy, take a look at these websites ratings and choose one to help you out.

Make sure your press release is polished to perfection.

Final Thoughts

Writing a press release for reputation management is a demanding task. But, with the right strategy and determination, you can make it stand out and achieve the goals you’ve set.

Use the tips listed above to help you write memorable and unique press releases. Apply them to all your future press releases and enjoy the results of your hard work.

Author’s bio.

Daniela McVicker is a blogger and a freelance writer who works closely with B2B and B2C businesses providing blog writing, copywriting and ghostwriting services. When Daniela isn’t writing, she loves to travel, read romance and science fiction, and try new wines.