Ask your ORM service provider the following questions

ORM service provider

It is evident from the stats that when it comes to searching for products and its reviews, world trusts search engines and usually Google is the most trusted search engine. According to a recent survey, about 75% of review market is owned by Google followed by Bing and Yahoo. Having said that, it doesn’t mean you only prioritize Google and start ignoring other online review sites that speak about your brand. For that matter, you require an online reputation management software and hire ORM service provider that makes sure the reputation of your business is maintained in market.

Before that, make sure you get clear understanding on the following questions-

How will they monitor your business reputation?

The first and the foremost area to have a clear understanding of is how will your online reputation management provider monitor your brand’s reputation. Ask questions that trigger them around the process and its analysis. For instance- How will the ORM provider analyze your reputation? What are the processes involved? Which platforms will they focus on and why? Will they notify you at first place or continue working? How will they assess the reputation and correct it?

Handling a negative review and such situations

Following this, make sure you get answers on their strategy to handle a negative review or scenario? It is crucial for the ORM service provider to give clear service level agreements and build a trust by rendering them. Talk about the action plan as and when a negative review is floated. In which situations will they act immediately and in which not. What are the actions taken to convert the negative review into positive one. Any feedback collected post review by customers or not or surveys conducted for that matter.

Type of services provided by your ORM service provider

At the same time its is also crucial to stay informed on the facilities that ORM Service provider provides. Some providers just monitor the reputation and present you with the reports. Few work on the KPIs and performance metrics that help you gain deeper insights into your reputation. While some monitor, analyse, assess and manage the online reputation.

Who will be the Facilitator or communicator?

Furthermore, who will be the single point of contact between you and the ORM service provider. The person will be responsible for communications and handling your queries since you don’t want to irritate them and maintain the professionalism. It is important to maintain the integrity of both the parties.

How to stay ahead of competitors?

Lastly, in this never-ending arms race, being conscious of your competitors reputation and management will help you lead the show. Ask you ORM service provider on their services that will help inform you regarding the same and if they have any approaches or methodologies to stay ahead of the competitors.

In today’s competitive world, it is mindful to be conscious about the reputation of your brand and value it. If you are unable to manage, analyse or assess it and unsure on whom to reach or get assistance from, ask the above mentioned questions to your prospective ORM service provider to help you make decisions.