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Power of Video Testimony

The Power of Video Testimony

The power of video testimony, there is no question in this age of digital communication that most of the world relies on the availability of nearly instantaneous information. This is especially true when it comes to feedback on products, services, or entertainment. As the internet world has expanded, so too has the potential for abuse […]
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generate more reviews

Generate More Positive Reviews

How to Generate More Positive Reviews Online for Your Small Business Over 90% of shoppers look for reviews and feedback before buying a commodity. It’s great to get a sense of how previous consumers felt about the product or service. By generating positive customer reviews, you can present your business as dependable and satisfactory to […]
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the power of video

The Power of Video

The Power of Video- If a picture lasts forever, video survives into eternity. While this may feel like a heavy burden when considering the power of video in society, it’s actually a window into the opportunity that video offers. Video content is the single most consumed form of media. From television to movies to online […]
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Social Proof

7 Ways Social Proof Can Boost Your Conversions

Social proof is phenomenally powerful in the ecommerce world in particular. Robbed of the in-person information provided by a brick-and-mortar store, the online buyer needs more convincing to be sure that the item they’re looking at is going to suit their needs. And what’s more convincing than feedback from those who’ve previously bought it? Now, […]
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Review Monitoring Automation

Why You Need Review Monitoring Automation

Review Monitoring Automation- Online review sites play a substantial role in the customer’s decision-making process. In fact, 90% of people say the reviews and recommendations they read influenced their final choice. With an up-to-date, healthy online reputation, you stand a greater chance of winning the most customers on the market. There are numerous review sites […]
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Video Reviews Are The Future of Marketing

Video Reviews Are The Future of Marketing

Video Reviews Are The Future of Marketing, word of mouth has always been the most consumer preferred marketing method. While it produces reliable referrals and often a steady stream of business, the truth is, in its traditional form, it can’t keep up with the demands of a digital age. Today, we want information, recommendations, and […]
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Attacked with Fake Reviews

What to Do if Your Business is Being Attacked with Fake Reviews

Attacked with fake reviews?  Fake reviews are the bane of many businesses’ existence. It goes without saying that if a customer has a bad experience, the owners can take it as an opportunity to engage with the customer, apologize and work toward improving the experience for everyone. But fake reviews, usually in large numbers in […]
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tips for more effective testimonials

3 Tips To More Effective Testimonials

3 Tips For More Effective Testimonials Tips for more effective testimonials-  Testimonials from customers are so persuasive because they come from people who have used your product and not from you or your salespeople. An effective testimonial is worth its weight in gold because it has started the important process of establishing your credibility and […]
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5 Types Of Reviews Every Ecommerce Brand Needs

5 Types of Reviews Every Ecommerce Brand Needs

5 Types Of Reviews Every Ecommerce Brand Needs 88% of your customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member, making them a tool your ecommerce brand can’t ignore. Below I’ve listed 5 types of reviews every ecommerce brand needs, including your own. Read on and start using […]
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website video testimonials

Website Video Testimonials

Why You Should Have Website Video Testimonials Website Video Testimonials- According to Digital Information World, around 55% of people watch videos online every single day. That’s huge, and it is indicative of a growing global trend, the move from reading content to watching it online. Taking notice of it is not a case of cashing […]
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