“Back-To-School” Lesson for Business

back to school for business

The Importance of Customer Feedback: A “Back To School for business” Lesson

It’s been a beautiful summer, but there’s no getting around the fact that the dog days are behind us and soon, school will be in session. While you might not have to buy scissors, crayons, and rulers to conduct your business, we could all benefit from a few brush-up lessons in business every now a nd again – especially when it comes to customer feedback.


As your business grows and becomes more successful, it’s easy to overlook just how important customer feedback is to getting you there. At eEndorsements, we know how valuable those opinions can be, which is why we provide the necessary tools to manage, streamline, and utilize feedback to help your business continue to thrive and adapt to the demands of your customer.


Get your pencils ready, because here are the stats.**


90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Customers will generally spend about 31% more on a business with “excellent” reviews.

72% of customers will take action only after reading a positive review.

86% of people will hesitate to purchase from/hire a business that has “negative” reviews.


Don’t worry: We won’t make you add up all these numbers in your head, but we will tell you that the solution to this equation is equal (but perhaps not limited to) working with eEndorsements. We provide an intuitive platform that helps you request reviews more consistently from your satisfied customers, and helps streamline the process of pushing excellent reviews to the forefront. Reviews are also great for improving your SEO, which in turn directs more clients to your business.


Simply put, customer reviews are proven to drive sales and grow your business – and that’s a lesson to remember, even if you haven’t set foot in a classroom in years.



**According to surveys compiled by InvesP