Creating an Amazing About Us Page

creating an amazing about us page

Creating an amazing about us page starts with understanding your audience.  The objective is to introduce your company so that it clearly addresses the needs and problems of that consumer.  Its really not “about us” at all.  It’s about your target customer, what matters to them and why you’re a fit as a vendor or service provider.

The What and How of creating an amazing about us page

Here’s a couple tips to get started:

  • Open your story with your page visitors challenges and objectives. Stating clearly the reason they would have come to your site to begin with is a good way to demonstrate that you have their needs in mind.
  • Show some facts and achievements about your business.  Something that provides relevance to problems you’ve surfaced.  Anything analytical that would back up your story; Customer ROI, retention, etc.
  •  Reference any industry awards, partnerships, or marquee clients.  Your prospects wants to see your success and credibility to solving their problems.

Let your customers do the talking

Think about your own consumer decisions, if you’re thinking of trying out a new salon or dentist you don’t base your decision on what they say about themselves.  You want references. You want to hear from their customers about their experience.  Your prospective customers want the same so include many glowing testimonials to provide that transparency.

Here’s what your page visitors expect to see:

  • Quantity of reviews to match the customer flow of you industry.  If you’re a dentist or salon for example you see clients or patients daily and should have a large quantity of reviews visible.  Just a handful of reviews will draw doubt to your credibility.
  • High Ratings, consumers have short attention spans,  they may skim this page for just a few seconds.  High 4 to 5 stars ratings  will catch their eyes even if they don’t read the content an opinion is already formed.
  • Have fresh and consistent client reviews and testimonials.  Have a recent client testimonials at least within 4-6 weeks.  A trail of endorsements over time builds confidence that you’re consistent.

Finally Tell your story

We must not forget in the end business is all about relationships and much of that consumer courtship starts online.  Tell your story, the how and the why you are in this business and solving problems.  Focus on the things that make you and your team human.  Creating an amazing about us page is all about connecting your visitor with your passion.