Customer Review Automation

Customer review automation

The Benefits of Customer Review Automation


No matter how much amazing content you push onto the internet, or how good your services actually are — the majority of your business’s reputation hinges on your customers, and particularly, their feedback. In a sense, the feedback you receive can shape and drive your entire brand, either for better or worse. Studies show that in this marketplace, price points and product quality are proving far less important than customer loyalty and feedback— in fact, the numbers seem to suggest that many people trust online strangers (i.e., reviews on Yelp, Google, and social media) more than they do their family and friends.


That’s why customer review automation is so crucial to your business. Managing multiple review channels takes time and energy, and if you don’t have a way to streamline them, you’re missing out on a valuable resource for growth. Integrating customer review automation into your existing technology allows you to cull ample customer testimony to showcase on your various platforms. As a bonus, it also helps improve your business’ search engine optimization.  Customer review automation software can integrate into your existing workflow to automatically send and receive client reviews, invite sharing to popular 3rd party review sites, feed into your website and auto post to your social media.


Customer review automation isn’t just about review collection, either. By using a system such as this, you can connect more directly with your customers in a more streamlined way. Perhaps most importantly, you can recognize trends and common threads of criticism and praise through your reviews, allowing you to address their concerns and highlight their positive feedback. Finally, streamlining and automating your reviews in this way makes the customer review experience much simpler to process on both ends, lessening friction and turnaround time for everyone involved.

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