Customer reviews- Your next marketing strategy

customer reviews

Customer reviews indeed are the face of your business. The consumers rightfully own your business. According to the Local Review Consumer Survey, a substantial percentage of consumers (about 86%) rely on online reviews to purchase the product or create an impression of  your services based on the previous customers experience.

Let’s find out and look through novel ways to utilize customer reviews to their best potential.

1. Put your customer reviews at work

Businesses reap most of the benefits from the customer reviews. Make sure you feature the best unedited reviews on your website and other networking portals. The reviews work as word of mouth when advertised suitably and quickly act as brand ambassadors. The best plan would be to have a dedicated social reputation management systems that’ll help you connect the reviews to the future buyers, thus increasing your clienteles.

2. Brand availability

It is to bear in mind that with the technological revolution every now and then, consumers of all age groups reach out to social media on their respective devices. While some have access to computers, other have iPads or smartphones. Therefore, your brand must be visible and compatible with all these devices. Do not forget to update the websites because after reading the positive reviews, buyers head straight to your websites which takes us straight to the next strategy.

3. Modernize your websites

Another important strategy to drive your sales and client footprints is to keep modernizing your website. This might cost a couple of more dollars but we assure you’ll thank us for this. As mentioned above, after reading the positive reviews, buyers redirect their minds to the look and feel of your website. This helps them fabricate a stronger foundation for your brand. The website’s homepage should entice the viewers taste buds to keep exploring your website and thus purchasing the product.

4. Convert reviews to SMS

If you have a review that makes it to the your marketing content, use it to send messages via text message or emails. For instance, XYZ recently purchased ABC product and is beaming with happiness educating our darling customers about its benefits. Of course, keep in mind the security of the customer. Either take the consent or inform them beforehand for using their names or personal details, since our personal motive is to promote our brand without hurting the sentiments and loosing our loyal customers.

5. Quantity matters

When it comes to an average number of reviews that a consumer reads, we can surely say, quantity matters. The average number of reviews read by the customer ranges from the first 8-10 reviews to attract a potential customer to your brand. Additionally the number of star ratings that your business has received throughout will build trust in them. As a matter of fact, an online reputation systems aligns all the positive feedback while managing the negative ones. It even helps you respond quickly to your negative reviews, thus building more trust in customers towards your credibility and generosity for customers.

Based on these, its true to say that customer hold the stage for you. In conclusion, what customers speak in your absence automatically becomes the face of your brand. To keep your customers happy, make sure to love them dearly and turn their responses into a marketing strategy because it won’t ever fail.