Customer testimonials efficient utilization for your brand

customer testimonials

As much as it is important to maintain your brand’s website, providing social proof is equally important to validate your products and services. By social proof we mean customer testimonials that are essential for marketing and promoting your brand.

Customer testimonials serve as trust badges as they impact the psychology of the buyer. They are instrumental in maintaining a positive impression of your brand through the eyes of the other customers, provided they are placed appropriately on your website.

Let’s figure out the best possible ways to efficiently utilise and exploit the testimonials.

1. Use them as brand ambassadors

Let the customer testimonials speak for themselves. Ask for them when the customer’s experience is fresh. The positive ones will qualify to build brand awareness and trustworthiness, whereas if you happen to receive a negative one, respond to them immediately. Your responsiveness is another step to prove that you value customers more, thus building loyal buyers. They will act as brand ambassadors unfolding their experience in regard to your brand.

2. Manage them through ORMs

The online reputation management systems are a blessing. They manage, create, build and spread your brand to the masses. ORMs do the work for you. They will timely ask your customers for the respective testimonials so that you don’t have to bother about it. These systems are equipped with strategies that automate your reviews and testimonials to various other social media accounts and your website to prove your worth in the competitive world. Isn’t that great!

3. Testimonials landing page

It is to keep in mind that they need to be appropriately placed to attract your potential buyers. Though, the fundamental landing page is the testimonials page itself, they should be visible on the Home page as well. Most website underestimate the power of customer testimonials and rather place them on a distant page. We should however acknowledge their placement on pages that have the largest traffic.For instance- the customers are usually interested in gaining insights of your company, products and then services.  Target these pages for placing the testimonials. Additionally, you can place them in the sidebar or as a popup.

4. Content of testimonials

Though there is no limit of providing the social proof, yet try to collect as many testimonials as you can. Bear in mind the content and the words used in a testimonial. You might receive a thousands of testimonials as audio recordings, video testimonials or texts . These can be one-liners or a beautiful description of your product. Figure the difference between the two in terms of specific or generalized words usage. Customers would want to know the honest opinion of others purchasers rather than choosing to read generalized words.

5. Customer testimonials email marketing

Email marketing is another way to market your brand and create brand awareness. These are vital in getting leads and conversions. The important aspect in email marketing is again the content. Rather than relying on standard marketing email, add the customer testimonials and build the email around it. For instance, target the customers with testimonials that include how the product can change their life or how a service could be beneficial to them.

With these strategies in place, it is assured that you not only value customers but are dedicated to build a stronger connection with all your customers.