eEndorsements Relaunches

eEndorsements Relaunch

eEndorsements Relaunch

After several months of development, we’re excited to announce eEndorsements relaunch is complete.  Our new platform, built from the ground up, features a sharp new responsive design, better speed performance and new analytics capabilities.  We also improved stability and – most importantly – survey conversion rates.

Response to the new platform has been overwhelmingly positive.  Several large enterprises have already signed on to enterprise plans.  Many more are set to board hundreds of new users.  Additionally, we see significantly higher delivery rates for survey requests, click-though and survey completions rates, and generally improved endorsement ratings.

There’s more to come

We’re not done yet!  eEndorsements is still aggressively developing new features, and updates are scheduled weekly.  Next up are exciting new survey features, improved review push capabilities and new ways to extract analytic data.

As always, customer service remains our first priority.  Is there a feature you’d like us to add?  If so, please let us know!  Our team would love to hear your thoughts on the things that matter most to you.  We’re committed to your success.

We encourage both current and prospective customers to contact customer support today for more information about new and upcoming features.  To schedule a demo or just give feedback, contact us here today.