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email subject lines

Email Subject Lines: Tips on Increasing Open Rates

Email Subject Lines- Just spend a moment thinking about the amount of unopened or deleted emails that you have in your inbox. If you are like the majority of people, this number is probably somewhere in the hundreds. The truth is that we tend to get a ton of different emails every single day. A recent study showed that there are nearly 105 billion emails which are send on a daily basis. This is a staggering and absolutely tremendous number.

And, when it comes to it, email marketing is an inseparable and quintessential component of every successful inbound marketing strategy. With this in mind, the subject line is oftentimes the only chance that we get to make a good first impression and to make sure that the recipient opens the letter and gets to the body. After all, you might have created the most splendid newsletter which will be absolutely worthless if it never manages to see the light of day. So, let’s have a look at a few tips on how to make your subject lines more actionable and compelling so that you can increase your open rates.

1.    Keep it Short and Simple

A study conducted by MailChimp revealed that shorter, highly descriptive subject lines manage to perform better in comparison to their longer and cheesy lures. However, it’s also important to note that this particularly succinct approach is actually applicable and most effective with the so-called notification emails. This entails a previous relationship with the recipient. Common examples are updates or certain notifications associated with the social media activity or the order status of the user, for example.

2.    Be Creative: Funny Email Subject Lines Work

It’s true that the majority of the email subject lines that we tend to see in our inboxes are rather dull and dry. Therefore, a humorous one is truly capable of sticking out among the pack. Nevertheless, humor is a relatively touchy area which thrives on serious exclusivity. Of course, you need to be careful if you want to appeal to the wide majority of people as they might not consider your humor acceptable or appropriate.

3.    Controversial or Shocking Email Subject Lines

“Your Marketing Sucks!” Imagine seeing this as a subject line. Won’t you feel offended? Or maybe you’d be rather puzzled. Why does your marketing strategy suck? Who dares to say something so bald right to your face? In any case, you’d be prompted to open the email, hence, the sender had managed to fulfil the hardest part. Now, you are at the grace of his persuasive and compelling content writing capabilities. He has the actual chance of convincing you that your marketing sucks and to make a substantial suggestion that you’d actually consider.

In any case, it goes without saying that the subject line of your email is your most effective tool and you ought to use it very carefully. Spend time researching on how to effectively reach out to your target audience and remember – it’s a matter of trying. Going through thousands of sent emails without any substantial response rate is something that every business has to deal with. Don’t give up trying.

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