Enterprise Distributed Content

enterprise distributed content

Enterprise Distributed Content: Undertaking the Right Approach

Content is king. There’s no doubt that this is a principle which would last for life time. However, how do you get the king to his people? How do you drop the glorified and ruling appeal and make the king someone that people could look up to and seek comfort in? How do you bring the value of the king to the people?

The analogy is quite interesting, to be honest. Content distribution is without a doubt a challenging and sensitive topic for a lot of enterprises as trends and tendencies shift as we speak.

Enterprise distributed content requires a lot of consideration. On the one hand, you want that content to be attached to the reputation and reliability of the company so it could be trustworthy and worthwhile. On the other hand, you want it to be presented as something social, something that people would truly value. Where’s the value?

Employee Sharing Content

From a sheer marketing standpoint, you can quickly and easily see the value of employees sharing enterprise content – it’s a quick and free way to extend the overall reach of what you have to publish. Of course, there’s also the risk of undervaluing the overall contribution that your employees could actually make when it comes to B2B or B2C content marketing.

So, how big a difference this employee advocacy can make when it comes to the effectiveness of the marketing approach? Well, there is a LinkedIn study which shows that when employees do share content, the typical CTR doubles that of their company.

That’s just a quick example of how powerful and prominent employee sharing could actually be. So, why not incentivize it?

A Strategic Partnership

While enterprise distributed content remains a key link in your overall content marketing strategy, employee sharing is obviously something effective. It should be regarded not as a favor that the company asks for nor as something that it forces its employees to do. It should be treated as a strategic partnership between the enterprise and the employees. And, as it is with every single partnership, each side needs to see the benefits of it. This is quite important.

If you still doubt the concept, keep in mind that this is something which could tremendously expand your current reach. And, on top of it, it’s unlikely to cost you anything in return. Shared content is going to reach a lot more people and it also helps you build a professional brand where your employees are active advocates of what you have to offer. Nothing speaks more of the company’s integrity than the trust of its own employees.

So, with this in mind, it might be high time for you to start diversifying your overall content marketing strategies and start dragging in and involve more people in it. The economic environment that we live in is particularly challenging and that’s not something you can afford to go without.