How Client Feedback Improves Your Customer Service

feedback improves service

Feedback improves service.  We’ve all heard the old adage, “The customer is always right,” but how does that concept translate to the present, a time when customer feedback extends well beyond the face-to-face interactions — and even phone calls?

These days, customers can give your business feedback in a vast multitude of ways: Though face-to-face exchanges and phone calls are still very much part of good customer service practices your customers and clients can also respond to, praise, and yes, sometimes complain about your services through email social media, and online review sites.

With so many new ways for customers to reach you, there’s simply no reason your business can’t learn to utilize feedback properly, and implement it to improve, feedback improves service if captured and put to use.  We’ve already touched on how modern businesses can learn from feedback and improve ensuring that your customers always feel heard and valued — but how does what you learn make you better at customer service?

For starters, feedback presents you with a unique opportunity to improve with the guidance of someone who has already experienced what your business can do. It’s a far more valuable tool than speculating how to improve things at your business — from client reviews, you see what you need to work on from people who utilized your services first hand, and may have noticed strengths and weaknesses in the process. Instead of looking at customer feedback as criticism or empty praise, look at it as a valuable opportunity to learn from the customers and clients that support you.

Additionally, customer reviews and feedback ultimately make you a better listener. The more you respond to reviews and address the concerns within them, the more you’ll start to recognize how your customers are feeling before, during, and after they interact with your business. Absorbing those concerns will make you better at anticipating them from future customers.

Perhaps most importantly, processing and developing upon customer feedback allows you develop stronger, more intimate relationships with the people that support your business. It’s important that your clients are valued beyond the potential dollar signs, and directly encouraging and engaging in feedback is a way to connect with customers you may not have heard from otherwise.

With this in mind, eEndorsements offers plenty of ways to engage with your customers directly, so that feedback improves service. Find out more about how eEndorsements can help your business grow.