Getting Client Reviews

getting client reviews

As a business owner, Getting Client Reviews are not just about feedback or understanding opportunities to improve. Getting client reviews now play into your SEO ranking and weigh heavily to influence prospective clients. In this era of social media it is no longer what you say but what others are saying about you and where they are saying it. That is why getting client reviews is of an all-time importance. Research shows that 90% of online shoppers said that they were influenced because of positive reviews and 86% say that negative reviews stop them from doing so.
Business owners have begun to realize that they can advertise as much as they want but one poor Yelp review could turn all this effort into a waste. So, what do you do?
Be Proactive, Ask for Reviews

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To be successful at getting client reviews there a few things you must understand.   Your  client’s time is valuable, they don’t think about the impact and meaning to a vendor, and many don’t know where or how to leave such testimonials.


Tips For Asking For Getting Client Reviews

Develop a process that is both efficient and easy for you as a business and easy for you clients.

  • Make it simple. Make sure it is easy, simple, and fast for customers to provide a review. Provide them a link with few and specific instructions. Be sure it takes no more than a couple of minutes of their time max. Make sure your survey process is Mobile compatible
  • Prioritize your review sites. Research which review sites are most impactful for your business, Prioritize these site so that you’re only asking your customer to leave a review to a single site. Only offer one or two sites to choose from at a time and rotate to broaden and diversify your reach. Google and Facebook are likely important to most businesses pick one or two industry specific sites and rotate these regularly in your requests.
  • The Approach. Be prompt with your review request, you’ll have best results when you know they’re happy and soon after completing service. Let them know its meaningful to your business and why. Recognize their time and let them know you have made the process quick.
  • Get your reviews on your website.Create a section or page on your website with your reviews and other links to your social profiles. This will not only build confidence and trust with new visitors but inspire new reviews.
  • Stick with the process. It’s best to get reviews in a natural progression over time. The surge or start and stop is not the image or story you want for your brand. Constant, consistent quality experiences are what your prospective customers want to see and what drive search engine results.


Getting Client Reviews Impact on SEO

Getting Client Reviews SEO

Moz Local Ranking Factors


Getting Client Reviews impact roughly 10% of your local SEO ranking

  1. Review quantity- Get at least 5-7 reviews in a media site
  2. Review velocity- Get reviews routinely at a steady pace
  3. Review diversity- Build reviews in as many sites as possible. This is a bit of a balancing act as you’ll likely want to prioritize Google reviews for local SEO, Facebook for the user volume and rotate at least two industry specific sites. Diversify building review portfolios in as many sites as possible while meeting points 1 and 2.


For help getting client reviews or more information:

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