Getting Recommendations

getting recommendations

Using Customer Surveys to Get Recommendations

Getting Recommendations- Have you been killing it in the customer service department? Are your clients ecstatic about the service they have received? Want to get them to put pen to paper and give you a helpful review, something that you can show on your website?

Running a client survey can be a simple and effective way to get real compliments from your clients, compliments that don’t sound canned or rehearsed. For example, maybe the survey could ask something like, “What did you enjoy about our XYZ Package?”

Your client will reply something like, “I enjoyed the fact that all the drinks were free with this package.” The response would relate to something concrete within the package. You could also ask something like, “What would you like to see more of?”

Their responses not only give you something that you can work on, but you would probably also be able to find a positive spin for them as well. So maybe the client would say something like, “I would have liked to see more spa options.”

You could spin that too, “Some of our clients loved the free drinks but would have liked to have more spa options. So we have delivered with an extra eight different spa choices.” In this respect, the testimonial comes across as more believable, because a potential negative was highlighted.

A big mistake that companies make when it comes to having endorsements or testimonials on their website is that they just stick to positive stuff. They’ll edit out anything that shows up slightly negatively.

Clients see through this immediately and know that they are not getting the full truth. They might even end up trusting the company less as a result. People understand that mistakes can happen. They expect things to go wrong once in a while. A company that never admits it has been wrong is missing an opportunity.

If you include that negative and manage to spin it into something more positive, clients can see that the company is not perfect, but that it does work on righting mistakes. It shows them that the review is more trustworthy and not something concocted by a clever copywriter.

How to Get Clients to Respond to Surveys

Some people love completing surveys and will do so without much prompting. Others, however, view them as a waste of time. Generally speaking, it is best to give your client some kind of incentive to complete the survey.

This could be in the form of entry to a lucky draw, or in the form of a discount of some sort or another. Make it something worthwhile to further enhance the status of your company in your client’s minds.

Follow Up

Once you have gotten the results back, be sure to follow up with a thank you to each client that participated. If you are doing a lucky draw, make sure that you do it when you say you will and let everyone know who the winners were and what they won.

Send out this confirmation to everyone you sent the survey to, even if they didn’t send in a survey. If they see that you are giving out prizes, they will be quick to respond the next time round.


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