Glimpse into 2019 Interesting Online Reputation Management Statistics

Online Reputation Management Statistics

Your online identity is the most cherished and at the same time fragile asset. It can be both rewarding and dangerous depending upon to what degree your managed your reputation and took it seriously. However, with the following online reputation management statistics we are sure, from a startup, restaurant, lawyers to MNCs, everyone would swear by principles of online reputation.

So, lets get started.

1. About 82% of consumers count on online reviews.

It has been found that the potential buyer would read at least 7 online review to make its next purchase. People trust search engines especially first page of a Google search. A significant percentage of people around the world paint their first impressions by simply googling.

2. Online reviews land you at a job or make you reject it.

A recruiter would consider you for the role based on your social traits and your impression in the world. He would screen you based on your social presence. Likewise, if a company or an organization has a bad reputation on Glassdoor for instance, around 69% of candidates reject job offer.

3. Responding on online reviews yield results

Yes. you heard us right! The world of marketing rates building trust to be a primer to ensure ROI in near future by proactively replying on the online reviews, regardless of the nature of the review. About 30% of consumers told that they respect brands when they acknowledge a consumer’s review. A comforting environment is created for consumers where they can speak their heart out. They also state that this is an initiation of a positive judgement from a negative one.

4. Online reviews assists in decision making

The recruiters in U.S screen applicants only after a positive online reputation. 85% of HR Professionals confess on making decisions based on candidates’ social impression. Even the investors invest based on online reviews. Business owners’ partner with other businesses only after a clean chit from their SMM team. About 80% of consumers did not purchase a service or bought the product due to negative reviews or slow solution. ironically, people look for quick solutions and can ignore delayed responses.

Well, these are some of the top-rated statistics of the year 2019. These online reputation management statistics are not meant to scare you but to provide you concrete data to help you optimize your future online reputation management strategies and mitigate the risks associated with reputation management.