Why do Google reviews have more value than other social media websites?

Reviews! Reviews! Everywhere. But an online review on which platform outshines the others. This article talks about one universally acclaimed platform- Google whose online reviews fetch the maximum clients. Google reviews are the most cherished treasure a business can have.

A study on the power of online reviews shows that a staggering number of customers rely on online reviews before purchasing or ordering a service. Be it a food chain service, a clothing brand or a hospitality segment, online reviews are considered as an important entity in the marketing campaigns and strategy building. There is a plethora of social media review websites, but Google reviews draw the maximum attention and trust from the consumers. Today, we are trying to explore those reasons as to why it matters the most.

Widely searched search engine: Google is considered as the epitome of collecting and obtaining information despite the presence of other search engines. Being user-friendly, people find it easier to operate and express their views and feelings. Believe it or not, the consumers don’t have much doing fine research, rather they google your business, look at the 4star reviews and hit buy option. It is because Google is the easiest, quickest and influential way to gather information. Whatever the subject is Google processes around millions of searches and puts forth everything including the business and its details with reviews for that matter. It waves off the struggle of diving deep into other sites for reviews. In addition to this, Google’s per click can beat any collected data and its free of cost.

Unfiltered reviews: Trust plays a significant role in building strong bonds with consumers. Gone are the days when it was easy to befool people by silly and pompous marketing or advertising gimmicks. With the changing times, the potential buyer has become smart with smart technology in their hands. Google reviews are less prone to getting filtered. Good or bad, each review is displayed before the potential onlooker. It leverages the freedom of the consumer to develop an opinion for the target service and make a wise decision. Unlike other websites which rely on putting filters and creating a fake impression.

Effective local business marketing: Google reviews promote local businesses. It tends to push the native business on the top when they look for a business near me option during their search. It is an excellent feature that it is closely linked to local SEO. If you have a good number of reviews on your Google Business listing, it will help improve your SEO listing. SEO is very crucial for small business owners in improving and boosting their business.  Think about it, people are always searching “____ near me,” depending on whatever service they require. It is quite likely for them to go with the business that is listed at the top with the maximum ratings.

With the tremendous expansion of online marketing strategies it is easy to get organic traffic from google reviews play an important role in shaping a business. Google being the most sort after search engine is a popular choice among the consumers which is why they are having an edge over other social media websites.