Google Vs. Facebook

google vs facebook

Google vs Facebook: How does each platform serve your client?  They’re two platforms that virtually everyone uses,  both are powerhouses for information and social networking. When it comes to how each can serve your business, it can be hard to know which sites your customers use for which purposes. In order to decipher what your customers are using and when, it’s important to understand the exact function of each service.


We all know Google as our go-to search engine, but from a business perspective, it’s much more. Google shows consumers advertisements related to their keyword services, catching potential customers in the buying cycle.


Facebook, on the other hand, is less about showing customers who you are, and instead provides an education on what your company does, how other people interact with your business, and what kinds of specific services you offer. If people are visiting your Facebook page, there’s a higher likelihood that they have already used or have made the decision to connect with your company in one way or another.


Ultimately, Google is about attaining customers — providing basic information to make it easy for business to find you. Facebook is about retaining customers — showcasing your work, blog posts, customer engagement, and more.


Google vs Facebook? All things considered, is there a way to replace one platform with another? Can you use Google to educate your customers, or Facebook to attain them? The short answer is yes. If you maintain your Google My Business profile, customers can learn more about your business and engage via customer reviews. If you optimize your Facebook page with information on your services and dedicate time to engaging with your customers and sharing posts, it can be a solid tool for reaching new business.  Read more about how eEndorsements can help your business grow.