Guide to Online Reputation Management mistakes to avoid


It’s easy to create a brand and at the same time, it’s difficult to nurture it. It’s rather extremely challenging in today’s fast paced digital age. Businesses are proactively managing the online reputation. However, in some scenarios, unconsciously we tend to commit a few online reputation management mistakes that cost us our brand.

As your brand visions to bring a smile to consumer’s faces, we here, have your back to guide you on a few online reputation management mistakes that must be avoided.

1. Angrily responding to negative reviews

As much as you like positive reviews on review sites, businesses admit that they lose the momentum of sustaining a brand due to negative reviews. It is understandable that we all get hurt due to bad reviews. However, every situation has a silver lining and it depends on how we visualize it. Rather than concentrating on bad reviews or aggressively responding or ignoring the negative reviews, it’s better to bend your thoughts and wisely respond to these. It has been researched that about 53% of consumers want businesses to reply to their reviews as it builds trust between the brand and the customer.

2. Gaining ratings based on fake reviews

Faking a positive online reputation is the worst mistake you can commit. It can tarnish your reputation with a blink of an eye. various review sites have strong algorithm to check for fake postings. They remove them immediately with no loss to them, but this act can cost you customer’s trust in your brand. Instead, handling online reputation with the right reputation management strategies will yield fruitful results. Invest your time, money, and effort in strategies that train your team in gathering valuable reviews. 

3. Avoid automated replies

Another important online reputation management mistake to avoid is to use automated replies or chatbots. Customers are often disappointed with designed responses that baffle them and make them lose interest in your brand.  Customers love when emotions are attached to the messages. One sure thing to note down is with the digital age emotions have taken a back seat. With your brand try to give them all ears and make them feel wanted.

4. Neglecting competitors progress

Last but not least is neglecting competitors’ progress. With this are attached various advantages. Firstly, you can track where the market is heading. Secondly, you can monitor their strategies on various social media networking sites. Learn about their branding material and gain valuable insights.  

These online reputation management mistakes might seem little but they can have huge impacts on your business. Having said that, it’s always better to keep track of where your business is heading and learn fast from the mistakes.