How Agility can manage the Customer Review

Agility manages customer reviews

Reviews are all over the commonplace. Pick any social media platform, search for a restaurant and it will immediately forecast the health of the food outlet. Customer reviews probably are the first at hand information that either builds or destroys the viewer impression. It is the restaurant social media marketing team who can change the viewer’s perception. It can be effectively managed by agility.

According to, Agility means “ability to think and understand quickly”. Customer reviews are the direct implication of it. An organization should have the ability to think the ground of a customer review and understand the reason of the customer review.

In case it is a positive review, the thinking and understanding part becomes dormant. But in cases where the customer review is negative, being agile should be followed. Keep perusing to get better understanding of how agility would derive better results and positive perceptions.

Agility teaches to Think and Act

Agility helps you master the art of thinking quickly and taking the appropriate action. For instance, on receiving a customer review, one needs to think quickly and act accordingly. A negative review demands a quick response addressing customer’s experience. It also demands acting constructively and wisely. Make sure you do not end up fighting on social media platforms.

Agility follows Constant Follow-ups

After ensuring responding to a clients’ feedback on a social media platform, it is your responsibility to take follow ups on the comment. The tribe usually validates another customer feedback by attaching another similar happening. This leads to a loop that never ends. However, at the same time, you cannot stop the thread, but you can check for such events and immediate as soon as possible.

Agility teaches Assessments

Once the customer reviews and follow ups have been catered to, agility teaches you to assess your methodology. A customer review can reflect loopholes in customer service, your processes, organization’s values or simply be a shout out to others regarding the look and feel of the place. These parameters will help you judge your organization and provide you with reports. This in turn will help you to change to marketing trends, understand customer needs and adapt to new changes.    

Having said that, agility fosters a mindset that adapts to quick thinking, wisely acting and studying patterns and anti-patterns. In the end, we want to create value out of our services and serve the customers in the best possible way. At times when we fail to impress customers, we can follow agility and improve the perception.