How To Ask For A Review

how to ask for a review

How to ask for a review in a way where you get high conversion starts with the basic task of just asking. In the last few posts we’ve discussed survey conversion in terms of process and delivery, the mechanics of having an efficient feedback program go along way.  But, we must not forget that a client testimonial is a personal statement and it’s all about relationship.  If your customer interactions afford you the opportunity to personally ask how you did and verbalize satisfaction is important, do it.  Let your client know you care and that their testimonial is valuable to your business and their sharing comments helps you attract new customers.   Your good customers will understand and be willing to help where they otherwise might have just ignored the request as generic.   Then already having your feedback process in place ties it all together.  Beyond capturing endorsement marketing content this will strengthen your client relationship and in itself drive repeat business and referrals.

Survey campaigns in general are a numbers game but personalization is the single biggest influencer to conversion.  Therefore how to ask for a review means a great deal.  So take every chance you get to set the expectation by asking in person, let them know they’ll receive something in their email or text.  Personalize your survey with your picture.  Personalize the title of your survey as a testimonial of you personally vs. labeling it as generic customer survey.

For enterprises a lack of personalization is where most companies yield poor feedback conversion.  The client relationship is about people, the individuals that represent the brand.  A generic feedback survey referencing your brand isn’t as connected as it could be if that same request were sent from the representative of your brand that held the customer relationship.  The customer that had a great experience would be more inclined to share.  eEndorsements enterprise review content management system provides this type of agent and location feedback aggregation to improve personalization and lead to greater enterprise survey conversion.

Next week we’ll continue the topic of survey conversion and break down some other best practices.