How to choose the best HASHTAGS for your brand

Hashtagging your way!

#Hashtags #Hashtags everywhere, but not a Hashtag to brand? With the rise of digital marketing strategies, it is important to communicate well with the audience. Especially with Hashtag marketing, choosing the best HASHTAGS play an important role in branding a product. Whether you are looking to improve engagement or to multiply your followers, the impact of searching and using the best Instagram hashtags can’t be overruled. One Hashtag can make or break the post or image of a brand. It is very important to choose a Hashtag wisely to reach your target audience.

Keep the following things in mind when zeroing down the brand hashtag for your brand.

Choosing Unique caption as Hashtags: A brand or a product promoter can post quirky captions as hashtags to attract the desired audience. Instead of simply adding keywords in a post, adding hashtags has become a trend. A hashtag means adding humor and participating in fun hashtag parties with lots of other web users. Humor and quirkiness have always connected to people. When such hashtags are added for a promotion it is often well received by the viewers.#tweetfromtheseat by Charmin, an American brand of toilet paper manufactured by Procter & Gamble exemplifies how a product can make its presence felt through comical creativity.

Keeping it short and easy to remember: It has been observed, that a hashtag that is short and easy to remember connects with the onlookers immediately. KitKat, a brand of chocolates uses a brand hashtag. They have a crisp and sweet hashtag, #HaveABreak, which is more likable. KitKat has been using it for quite a while now. The consumers are so well connected with it that they even post and repost the hashtag because of being specific. This is when a wisely created hashtag can make a difference for a label.

Striking the right chord with the people: To popularize a business, it’s important to connect with the people thoughts or consider the need of the hour. The understanding of which (the market trends and consumers expectations) can make a lot of difference for a venture to succeed.  Hashtags which talk about causes and concerns in the communities can work wonders for a business to grow. For instance, Airbnb’s hashtag, #WeAccept brought immense appreciations and fame for the brand. Various campaigns revolving around the hashtag that contribute or reflect a noble cause can do wonders to improve and nurture your brands image. 

The power of social media in today’s time can not be ignored or taken for granted. This alone has the enormous capacity to equip a brand and make it known in this competitive world. There are times when hashtags have gone wrong. Companies had to bear severe damages financially as well as their repute too suffered a lot. The hashtag frenzy has been an important element in the rise of social media. A branded hashtag can also help give life to your digital identity, providing additional reach, impact, and personality.