How To Respond To Online Reviews

Respond to online reviews

Online reviews speak volume and paint your brand image red or black. Based on online reviews whether positive or negative, consumers buy the products and services. Merely topping the organic search charts doesn’t make you superficial, yes that right. What matters the most is how you respond to the online reviews.

Responding to the online reviews is considered an art. To master the art, you should either be a orator who can play and influence the world easily or you should be have a degree in advanced English to clearly send out your message. Unfortunately, businesses fall short of such people. For that matter, this article is curated with professional tips and tricks.

  • Set Guidelines

There should be guidelines maintained to stay consistent on social media platforms. The minute you receive a review, the first action is to read between the lines. Whether a positive or negative review, you should respond to it within 1-2 business days. The respond rate will establish your consumer expectation in terms of reviews. This strategy will build trust between you and the brand. Make sure to acknowledge the customer with a thank you note regardless of the type of the review.

  • Define a team

How you perceive online reviews is another discussion. If you consider it as burden, you ought to lose out on potential customers. At the same time, if you consider it as a responsibility, you are sure to win over the world. For that matter, a dedicated team should be assigned responsibility. It will be accountable and responsible to address online review timely, in a non-defensive voice by keeping in mind the brand voice. If the team is successful in analyzing certain patterns, few templates can be designed to breeze through the task confidently.  

  • Study both sides of the coin

It is a good practice to study both sides of the coin. Do not hesitate to ask the staff member or manager about the situation. Empathetically approach the customer for clarification by maintaining the tone. After seeking clarity, prepare for a response that satisfies the customer. Never take the matter offline or ask for favors.   

  • Make use of tools

It is wise to explore tools that help you maintain a positive online reputation. Having Online reputation management tool in place will help you to identify unknown platforms where online reviews keep accumulated. With eEndorsements, all the reviews related to your brand will reflect on a dashboard assigned to you. The team can then distribute the task amongst themselves and take control of your social footprints.

The tips and tricks are not valuable until unless you start taking online reviews seriously. Ultimately it is the words that matter the most. In what way you acknowledge and consider the customer experience makes a difference.