Identify top online reputation management issue to plan your 2020 digital presence

online reputation management issue

Every business nowadays takes online reputation seriously. At least by the end of 2019, we can expect majority of businesses must have employed dedicated ORM team or hired an ORM service provider. While there are couple of benefits that tag along with online reputation, there are some major online reputation management issues that needs special attention.

For your knowledge, this article lists down some of the major issues that customers encounter when managing online reputation.

1. Negative/Bad reviews

The most overwhelming situation is to encounter a bad review or a negative feedback from a recent customer. Not only it destroys your image, it can even lead to closure of a business. This online reputation management issue is quite often seen when managing reputation online.

The most efficient way to manage such situations is to respond effectively in a wise and positive manner. Don’t try to backfire or start an argument online because it can tarnish your online image in seconds.

2. Struggle with updating social accounts online

The businesses are busy curating plans for increasing their business or are already juggling with finance sheets or adjusting salaries. It’s hard time for them to log in to social accounts and gather data or reports. When they update their product or introduce a new service, it’s quite tough for brands to update regarding the same on social media platforms. Because they are content writers or digital marketers. It’s tough for them to click on the pen edit icon and then add details.

3. Struggle with comparisons

Another worrisome online reputation management issue is being compared with counterparts in various articles, videos etc. Most of the times these are paid and biased content. But the over exaggeration of another product’s benefits over other brand degrades the former harder. At the same time, it becomes difficult task to change consumer’s mindset. This in turn increases the cost of marketing and promotions.

4. Brand Name

Getting confused or being mismatched with another word or company due to name of the business is the worst nightmare. Your positive online review can be unintentionally forwarded to the similar business. Or the tags that belong to your brand might end up in someone’s else’s Instagram account. Other major hindrances are to encounter fake accounts by the name of your company. Isn’t that unexpected?

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