Leverage on Micro moments to build 2020 online reputation


2020 is a special year and as it begins, marketers are building strategies to contribute and create outstanding marketing plans. If you are analyzing which social media platforms to target, then among other parameters, Micro moments are the one who are gaining momentum in the year 2020 and be on a firmer ground in the marketing plan. 

Micro moments as defined by Google is an intent-rich moment when a person turns to a device to act on a need, to know, to go, do or buy. 

There are possibly four main scenarios where consumers look for help, advice or assistance. 

I want to know moments

Where consumers are hunting for information or researching 

I want to go moments

Where consumers are hunting for places, local business, nearby grocery store or near me options like gas station etc.  

I want to do moment

Where consumers look for how-to’s or repairing guidance for instance 

I want to buy moments

Where consumers want to buy a product/service and perform step-by-step decision-making 

All these micro moments are one the same degree with regard to instant customer attention. And you can leverage on them to boost your online presence by serving their intentions on plate.  

1. Always show up 

The first and the foremost task is to be visible in the top searches. Try and search your brand. The results will speak to you. Failure of being visible at the top in the searches give you a clear indication of optimizing your brand presence revamping your product/service description or using SEO friendly keywords.  

2. Content is the king 

A description of your product, about us on various social media networking websites or even a slow loading web page would lose consumer’s interest in you. Ensure your website has relevant information to help viewers stick around. All page elements must be optimized to give consumers the best of their experience.  

3.  Mobile experience 

Micro moments came into existence due to increasing usage of it by the world. Every information is click away and thus easily available. It is crucial to study your target audience behaviour and then capture the micro moments to give them substance they are looking for. Enrich your mobile experience with engaging content, enhanced user experience and interactive media.  

The micro moments marketing strategies is all you need to focus in 2020 to gear up your digital footprint.