Macro-manage your Brand Reputation

macro manage your brand reputation

Surviving the ever-changing technologies is a tough nut to crack. With so many options available along with sites or software reviewing them, it has become easy for consumers to zero down the option list. At the same time, it is becoming difficult for brands to maintain a positive brand reputation online.
In lieu, brands are micromanaging their processes with no successful outcomes. Instead, its time to move from micro management to macro management.

By definition micro management means small and finer details, but macro management means to look at the 30 thousand feet view and then plan the finer details. Keeping this theory in mind, brand reputation can be managed effectively.

  • Set an end goal

Macro management teaches us to have a goal in mind that is aimed to achieve a particular result. For instance, macro management would mean you want to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. How to achieve this goal would require micro management. Therefore, It is crucial to identify a goal first and then track the achievement and analyze the path. Macro management would help you to stay focused at one task and curate action plan accordingly.

  • Compare with the standard benchmark market stats

It is imperative to keep record of your brand reputation statistics or ratings in mind and analyse the when and how of those ratings. More importantly, you should compare it with benchmarks set in market. the average star rating varies between 3.15 to 4. If your brand lies in this category, you can always aim for being ranked in the best category i.e between 4 to 5 star ratings. However, if you are already in the later category, which means your brand has good service standards, then, you can start taking into consideration other areas that require improvement.

  • Time is ticking

Business swear by one phrase, Time is money. One cannot escape the fact with the advent of online brand reputation. If you fail to respond to an online review, you are on the edge of loosing potential customers. It is advised to respond to each and every review within a day or so. This may sound difficult and for that matter, you can consider having an online reputation management software in place.
It will help you manage your brand reputation while you can focus on other macro tasks.

For small tasks to work, it is essential to look at the big picture too. Its time to macro manage!!