Maximize Positive Customer Reviews – And How To Deal With Your Negative Ones

maximize positive customer reviews

Maximize positive customer reviews, and dealing with negative reviews.  Collecting customer feedback is an integral part of determining the strengths and weaknesses of your services or product. Positive or negative, feedback is crucial — and depending on what kind of feedback you get, you can use that information to create even more opportunities to grow your business.


Let’s start with the positive reviews. The fact that you have a collection of glowing feedback is great in and of itself, but the benefits don’t stop there. In order to utilize and leverage it to acquire new customers, you need to try several different strategies. According to Entrepreneur, the best way to turn your positive feedback into new revenue is to:


Compile feedback that communicates the bigger picture — in other words, take the positive reviews and promote them into a statistics with mass appeal. For example, instead of simply allowing your positive reviews to operate separately, compile data that speaks to them as a whole and share it on your blog or social pages.


Adjust your offerings by focusing on detailed feedback and extending your services to meet the needs your customers enjoyed most.


Leverage your reviews on social media, and don’t be afraid to use them to increase your visibility. Simply put, boasting your company’s strengths on your social pages all only help attract new customers and subsequently grow your business.


And while these are great ideas to maximize positive customer reviews, negative feedback is an unavoidable challenge that all businesses face. Luckily, when it comes time to handle your negative reviews, you do have some options.


The best approach is not to treat the bad review like a problem, but to accept that often, a bad review is the result of a problem. Treat the upset customer with respect, apologize for their negative experience, resolve their specific problem and then spend some time getting to the bottom of why it may have happened in the first place.


Positive or negative, reviews have the power to make or break growth of your business, and no matter what they say, there are always teachable lessons to be extracted from each and every one. eEndorsements understands this, which is why we customize your review experience to let you get the most from your feedback. To find out more about the options we offer for customer review and feedback management, click here.