Negative Online Review or a silver lining

We all come across a bad online review. It’s very disheartening to read them especially when we are determined to serve the customers in the best possible way. At the same time, it is even more saddening when we put our souls in building and promoting the brand, study the market trend, set aside a budget for marketing, strategize meetings, plan customized marketing for targeting a specific audience to have our product and services outshine.

As it said, every cloud has its silver lining and so does a negative online review. So, what to do when you receive the comments? Is it that you ignore or don’t have time for? Or create panic as to how should you react?

This article will help you see this opportunity through Rose-colored glasses and convert the negative online review into a marketing moment that will change the way the world perceives you for post services and customer-oriented brand. Keep perusing to grab this golden opportunity.

1. Get to the soul of the matter- To convert an adversity into advantage, you must be aware of all steps that initiated such a response and what happened that made customers put the negative online review. Make sure you have an active Social media marketing team in place which keeps a constant check at such activities. They should immediately notify the concerned person about the same. The next step involves analyzing whether the online review is completely/partially true or false review. This analysis will help you get to the soul of the review and know the nature and its source.

2. Reaction to the review– After the analysis, if the online review is completely or partially true, make sure to respond to it in a timely manner. Because this is the first step towards building a trust and empathy towards the reviewer. Respond by complimenting him with a new service or any special service. One thing to remember here is that when proposing a new service, bear in mind what went wrong at the first place and what could be done better to transform his awful experience into a positive one. By performing such act, the frustrated customer will leave a comment that will boost your post services.

In situations where the comment is false and has been written to defame or bring bad publicity, reach out to the portal who manages your online reputation.

3. Monitor Online reputation regularly- As covered in Perform online reputation analysis, online reputation monitoring must be a routine rather than a conditional task. Various portals and tools like eEndorsements manage your online reputation and are determined to keep the world smiling. You should monitor your social media accounts, look at various social media websites like Google to check out what people are posting about you and take regular follow ups on marketing campaigns and posts that you perform. Google alerts is one way to stay notified on the keywords that you used.

It is perhaps impossible to erase the negative online review from various social media websites. But it is in our hand to look for diamonds in rough and utilize the opportunity to make a long-lasting impression. This is conceivable when we remain informed, notified and respond effectively. Lastly, it the mindset that matters the most when you have the ability to recast the negative into positive.