Online reputation management- an online makeover or a purple prose

The way companies interact with their consumers today through the internet has changed manifolds in recent years. The interaction between the companies and customers have changed as well. Becoming more of a two-way communication nowadays. What facilitated this communication is online reputation management or ORM.

ORM is often misconstrued with monitoring an entity’s social media presence, a PR agency, or a paid advertisement. It is not about observing a company’s social media status, what makes it an online makeover is nowadays companies have a separate segment or can a bunch of people who interact with consumers in the form of replying to their reviews. If something negative is being projected by a dejected customer, he or she is being dealt with politely either in the form of an apology or by providing some benefits in the form of discounts or any good service.

This fear of loss of reputation in the market through online reviews is so big that every big or small company tries to keep its potential consumers happy, for which Online reputation management is a need of the hour.

A lot of statistical surveys have shown that 95% of customers prefer reading the reviews before buying or using any service, and in this feisty world of competition no matter how big or small an organization is, it wants to keep its reputation intact which is why online reputation management is a perfect method to develop, improve and maintain the good repo in the market.

“Our reputation is more important than the last hundred million dollars.” – Rupert Murdoch

Whenever a customer buys a product from Amazon, he usually scrolls down the reviews about the product in the review section. In case, if a consumer comes across a negative review he/she prefers not to buy the same. In a minute, the outlook of a consumer is changed towards the product which in the absence of reviews would have not affected the sale of the product. This small example clearly shows how ORM can functions. That is why companies have a separate team online which interacts with its customers online and prefers to maintain clarity about their product/service.

It is not just about the product, any negative campaign associated with a company or a business can affect its growth and mar its reputation in just a fraction of minutes. Many times an issue of being environmentally friendly is being bought up and if you see a company not following the environmental norms because the climate crisis is turning up a big threat to the planet earth these days and people are trying to turn to this new fashion of being eco friendly can land a company into trouble with its consumers.

So basically, the ORM educates consumers about its products, services and tries to keep its consumers happy if they are disgusted with any of its services. Your ORM defines your business.

Simple comments like “product not good!” and “Don’t buy!” will change how customers look at you and your business. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. Once someone posts a comment about your business, what is done is done. The only way you can counteract reviews about your business is by proactively managing your online reputation. It may look like an online makeover but it saves businesses a lot of money and their life long reputation.