Online Reputation Management checklist for the year 2020

reputation management checklist

It’s holiday season with new year-round the corner. The year 2019 was significant and we are ready to make resolutions for 2020 to network, promote and market our business. Moving ahead, as soon as holiday season ends, the markets will roll, and businesses will develop marketing strategies. To help you excel and make a grade digitally in the year 2020, following is the reputation management checklist that would surface your agitation and help you stay focused on managing your online reputation management.

1. Update your online profiles

The first and foremost thing to start afresh in the year 2020 is to update your online profiles. After sending wishes, its time to get back to business and post updates. Thoroughly check the descriptions of your products or add any missed details that need to be there.

2. Track your mentions

One of the most important elements in your online reputation management checklist is to look for your mentions.  Nothing is more exciting than getting to see your brand mentioned in someone’s post or comment. It is difficult to check it manually. Ask your online reputation management service provider regarding the same or buy a tool that notifies you when your brand/product/service is mentioned.

3. Push down negative reviews

In the year 2020, everything should look positive and progressive. Look for online reviews if they can be removed or manage them. Check out our article for managing the negative review to gain more insights.

4. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Run through the online content of your website and social media networking sites for SEO and certain keywords to boost the online presence. Stay proactive by posting regular content to frequently get shown in your clients’ accounts.

5. Re-strategize your marketing processes

The most important point in reputation management checklist is to revise and redefine your marketing strategy. For this perform the following task-

  • Define your goals and objectives
  • Define your mission and vision
  • Create branding guidelines
  • Revamp your audience list
  • Revamp your outreach content (messaging/email content etc.)
  • Research your competitors with regards to their online reputation and analyse marketing strategy.

Once the above are in place you can identify loopholes in your strategies and implement the same. Remember to voice your brand culture and values as these remain intact in your customer’s mind.

6. Create a solid foundation- PR

Last to mention in the reputation management checklist is to build solid public relations. Call it your customers, influencers, media coverages, content marketing, etc. be everywhere by acknowledging and monitoring what people say, how they say and when they say.

We have listed these actionable tips in the form of reputation management checklist to assist and get you rolling in the year 2020. Ensure your reputation and thank us later.

Happy New year!!