Online Reputation Strategies to Implement during COVID19 Part 2


In the previous part we talked about online reputation strategies and learnt ways on how as a brand or business you can contribute globally to make this world a better place to live. We also discussed on how to adapt and refine the marketing strategies amidst COVID19 lockdown.

In today’s part, we will shift our focus on the most proficient methods to manage online reputation during this crisis. It is noticeable that information can spread far and wide on online platforms. Which makes it critical for brands to keep the online platforms updated with recent and fresh changes.

Presenting the reputation strategies for your business-

1. Update relevant content for supporting services during COVID19

It is evident from the present situation that online networking sites are the only option to connect with the world in such crisis. Thereby it becomes apparent to refine the information as per the current needs on various social media platforms. these vary from service suspensions, working hours, functional stores, or locations. Additionally, state the availability of the service or product on the website. Ensure to update the content as per the location, because amid COVID19, the rules and regulations vary from city to city.

In the events where you can host a webinar, conduct it for any queries or sharing information.

2. Showcase the relevant steps taken by the organization

Update/post sanitization activities in the store or how the hygiene is kept in mind when administering services to build customers trust and give assurance of following the rules and regulations as stated by the government. In lieu, publish informative content to help them learn regarding the pandemic or other stats. Be mindful of not spreading fear and post authentic and relevant content.

3. Look for an online reputation service provider

Bring in eEndorsements for all your online reputation solutions. Though Google and Yelp have disabled reviews, mentions on their platform, yet several other social media networking sites are available in the market for customers to leave reviews. In such events, eEndorsements can build the review management strategy to rule out further chances of negative impact. It gives an opportunity to integrate reviews from multiple platforms into one. To know more, follow the link here.

When everyone is in a cleft stick, these reputation strategies will help you swim out of the deep waters to keep a check on the online reputation.

Lastly, Stay Home, Stay Safe.