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Local SEO

What Is Local SEO

What Is Local SEO & Why Is It Important?   Local SEO is a highly effective form of online marketing, allowing your business to promote itself to querying customers at the exact moment they’re looking. It uses search engines like Google and Yelp to direct interested parties to your website — and ultimately through your […]
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user generated content

User Generated Content

How To Get Stronger User Generated Content For Your Business   When it comes to generating content to increase your company’s online presence, your customers and clients just so happen to be an excellent resource. In fact, user generated content is a proven and effective way to connect with both current and potential customers. So, […]
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content marketing resolutions

3 Content Marketing Resolutions

3 Content Marketing Resolutions To Improve Your Business In 2017   New Year’s resolutions are a controversial subject for many: Some swear by them, knowing that the start of a new year is a great time to make new promises. Others prefer to eschew formal resolutions in lieu of a general commitment to improvement. However, […]
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marketing customer reviews

Marketing Customer Reviews

Marketing customer reviews? It might be surprising, but your customer reviews are one of the most effective marketing tools your business has. Customer reviews are native content, and represent individual pieces of the content marketing puzzle, provided to you for free by your customers. When you get a good review for your business, the worst […]
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Protect your brand

How To Protect Business Online Reputation

How To Protect Business Online Reputation — And Your Privacy   Large companies and major corporations don’t think twice when it comes to spending huge sums to protect business online reputation. During a time when all information seems to flow to and from the internet, it’s certainly a valuable investment. However, small companies and independently-owned businesses […]
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successful online reputation management

Foundation for A Successful Online Reputation Campaign

How To Build The Foundation For A Successful Online Reputation Management Campaign   The concepts of a successful online reputation management, or ORM, might sound complicated, but the process of strengthening your online reputation is actually quite straightforward. The process becomes easier still when you have a few guidelines to follow along the way.   For […]
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online reputation management

Online Reputation Management

What Is Online Reputation Management? Here Are 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know   The personal feedback you receive from customers is important, but your online reputation might be the most valuable asset of your business. Online feedback can reach far and wide, which is why online reputation management (ORM) is crucial to growing […]
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build social proof

6 Ways to Build Social Proof

6 Ways To Build Social Proof From The Ground Up   Last week, we talked about why building social proof is so important for your business. While it’s certainly imperative to understand the reasoning behind this facet of your marketing strategy, it’s also crucial to know the foundations on which social proof is built. If […]
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social proof marketing

Social Proof Marketing

What Is Social Proof Marketing & Why Does It Matter?   Social Proof Marketing- Every day, we make more decisions than we even realize. Those decisions come as a result of how we’re conditioned and influenced by the people around us — both people we know and strangers’ words that we browse through. That influence […]
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google vs facebook

Google Vs. Facebook

Google vs Facebook: How does each platform serve your client?  They’re two platforms that virtually everyone uses,  both are powerhouses for information and social networking. When it comes to how each can serve your business, it can be hard to know which sites your customers use for which purposes. In order to decipher what your customers […]
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small business web presence

How to Prioritize Your Small Business Web Presence

How To Prioritize Your Small Business Web Presence A study conducted in 2010 found that 97 percent of consumers go online to find information about the businesses, services, and products they use. That figure only has only increased in the last six years, to the point where nearly everyone is consulting the internet on how […]
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Google Business Reviews

Google Business Reviews

Last week, we touched upon the importance of building and maintaining your Google My Business page. Luckily, eEndorsements provides an easy means to get Google business reviews, by which your customers can share their reviews onto your Google My Business Page. Google is obviously instrumental in promoting your business online and increasing awareness of services […]
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