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importance of labor day

Importance of Labor Day- Why Even Entrepreneurs Need a Break

Importance of Labor Day- Thinking About Work On Labor Day: Why Even Entrepreneurs Need a Break   Next to Independence Day, the first Monday in September is arguably the most important American holiday. Labor Day celebrates the foundation on which this country was built: work. It’s the contributions of workers and laborers that help ensure […]
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back to school for business

“Back-To-School” Lesson for Business

The Importance of Customer Feedback: A “Back To School for business” Lesson It’s been a beautiful summer, but there’s no getting around the fact that the dog days are behind us and soon, school will be in session. While you might not have to buy scissors, crayons, and rulers to conduct your business, we could […]
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junior achievement

Junior Achievement empowers youth

  Last week, eEndorsements was proud to support Junior Achievement, an organization that is essential to community development and education in the Dallas – Fort Worth Area. Founded nationwide in 1919 and established in Dallas in 1954, Junior Achievement fosters entrepreneurship, work-readiness, and financial literacy skills for K-12 students through the efforts of more than […]
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promote your success

eEndorsements- Promote Your Success

Promote Your Success Perhaps you’ve found yourself reading through online review after online review, wondering if that negative feedback or half-baked testimonial could really affect your business.   Well, let’s look at the numbers: 92% of prospective clients read online reviews, and 40% of those clients will form an opinion on what you’ve got to offer […]
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facebook stats

Facebook Stats

Facebook Stats Facebook is arguably the giant and leading social media platform in present times, Facebook stats back it up.  The site presents an exceptional market to sell your products and services to a large online audience specific to your buying persona. Facebook represents a one of a kind marketing and advertising platform where relative […]
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getting client reviews

Getting Client Reviews

As a business owner, Getting Client Reviews are not just about feedback or understanding opportunities to improve. Getting client reviews now play into your SEO ranking and weigh heavily to influence prospective clients. In this era of social media it is no longer what you say but what others are saying about you and where they […]
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leverage customer reviews

Leverage Customer Reviews

Leverage Customer Reviews.  Here’s a no brainer, customers are the key to your business. Every business has either a product or a service to sell but we’re talking about more than single customer transaction value, leverage customer reviews.  It’s these same customers who judge if your products or services are good and hence can decide […]
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