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email subject lines

Email Subject Lines

Email Subject Lines: Tips on Increasing Open Rates Email Subject Lines- Just spend a moment thinking about the amount of unopened or deleted emails that you have in your inbox. If you are like the majority of people, this number is probably somewhere in the hundreds. The truth is that we tend to get a […]
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local business networking

Local Business Networking – Sharp and Effective Tips

Effective local business networking is the attempt of linking individuals or companies together through a relationship of trust and reliability. The ultimate goal is for them to become walking and talking advertisements for each other. Smart networking is all about establishing that foundation of trust, authenticity and identifying the ways you can help others. Face-to-face […]
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negative feedback response

Negative Feedback Response

Negative Feedback: Turning it to your Advantage Your negative feedback response is a big part of your online reputation.  Wouldn’t it be great if all the feedback you get was stellar and glowing? Unfortunately, when it comes to the majority of business venues, the feedback is usually an equal mix of negative and positives. “Here’s […]
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paying for reviews

Paying for Reviews – FTC Guidelines and What Does the Law Say?

Paying for reviews? A survey run by an e-consultancy company and Adobe determined that customer experience is by far the single, most impactful marketing trend and it’s likely to stay this way over the course of the next 5 years. More and more companies are starting to realize that flawless customer experience is by far, […]
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fake malicious reviews

Fake Malicious Reviews

Fake malicious reviews are a dark and sad truth of the internet.  Keyboards for hire by unscrupulous competitors or just nasty people with nothing better to do other than spew venom.  It happens.  Recently, I was reading Google reviews for a pool company recommended to me.  Their reputation was well documented online with consistent satisfied […]
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wordpress testimonial plugin

WordPress Testimonial Plugin

Looking for the best wordpress testimonial plugin check out the wordpress marketplace for eEndorsements.  Easily stream all your client testimonials directly to your website automatically.  No more cutting and pasting or manually typing content to your page.  Break away from the boring web page templates that have 2 or 3 containers for static client testimonials. […]
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creating an amazing about us page

Creating an Amazing About Us Page

Creating an amazing about us page starts with understanding your audience.  The objective is to introduce your company so that it clearly addresses the needs and problems of that consumer.  Its really not “about us” at all.  It’s about your target customer, what matters to them and why you’re a fit as a vendor or […]
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website testimonial feed

Website Testimonial Feed

A well placed website testimonial feed is a critical component to your business website drawing high visitor traffic.  Typically you’ll find your testimonial page your 2nd or 3rd most visited behind your pricing or services page.   It stands to reason it’s part of the consumer journey; what do you do, how much does it cost, and […]
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yelp reviews not visible

Yelp Reviews Not Visible

Are your Yelp Reviews not visible?  Your customers are leaving you valuable reviews on Yelp, but they’re not being published where local consumers can see your glowing customer experiences.  Well that’s the thing with Yelp, the platform uses discretion to show the reviews they feel are most relevant to the consumer looking for your business. So […]
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Google Review Link

Google Review Link

Using your Google review link will help you capture more client reviews on your Google My Business profile.  If you’re not already familiar with Google My Business or have a profile you need to be.  Check out our prior posts to bring you up to speed.  The internet landscape for reviews is noisy, as a local business […]
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survey reminders

Survey Reminders

Survey reminders are an important factor to high conversion.  Considering that customer surveys being sent from eEndorsements primarily are to capture valuable client reviews we’re often asked when and how many times should I send survey reminders.  It’s certainly helpful to have some insight and distinguish the status of your survey request.  Was it received, was it opened, […]
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customer review survey

Customer Review Survey

A customer review survey done well plays out big in high response rates.  Its first import to have a clear objective of the intent of your survey.  Are you trying to collect reviews and testimonials for marketing content or are you trying to hone in on qualitative analysis of your products or services. Break down stages of […]
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