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Attacked with Fake Reviews

What to Do if Your Business is Being Attacked with Fake Reviews

Attacked with fake reviews?  Fake reviews are the bane of many businesses’ existence. It goes without saying that if a customer has a bad experience, the owners can take it as an opportunity to engage with the customer, apologize and work toward improving the experience for everyone. But fake reviews, usually in large numbers in […]
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tips for more effective testimonials

3 Tips To More Effective Testimonials

3 Tips For More Effective Testimonials Tips for more effective testimonials-  Testimonials from customers are so persuasive because they come from people who have used your product and not from you or your salespeople. An effective testimonial is worth its weight in gold because it has started the important process of establishing your credibility and […]
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5 Types Of Reviews Every Ecommerce Brand Needs

5 Types of Reviews Every Ecommerce Brand Needs

5 Types Of Reviews Every Ecommerce Brand Needs 88% of your customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member, making them a tool your ecommerce brand can’t ignore. Below I’ve listed 5 types of reviews every ecommerce brand needs, including your own. Read on and start using […]
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website video testimonials

Website Video Testimonials

Why You Should Have Website Video Testimonials Website Video Testimonials- According to Digital Information World, around 55% of people watch videos online every single day. That’s huge, and it is indicative of a growing global trend, the move from reading content to watching it online. Taking notice of it is not a case of cashing […]
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video content marketing

video content marketing

Video Content Marketing: How To Approach It & Why It’s Important   When it comes to promoting your business, content is the name of the game. Whether it’s on your social media pages, through your website, or even through your review platforms — the more positive, engaging content you produce pertaining to your business, the […]
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common misconceptions about reputation management

3 Common Misconceptions About Reputation Management

Common Misconceptions about reputation management–  The advent of social media has made sharing complaints easier and faster than ever before. In the past, word of mouth was the only way that negative experiences were shared. And it was truly word of mouth, one person talking to others about the poor service they received or the […]
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How To Get Great Testimonials

How to Get Great Testimonials

How to get great testimonials….Testimonials and reviews are important to every business for two main reasons: they create social proof and instill trust in you and your business. Social proof just means that when people see others patronizing a business or using a service, they feel more comfortable doing so themselves. It’s akin to appealing […]
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why is your online reputation important

Why Is Your Online Reputation Important?

Why is your online reputation important?  The advent of the internet age has made it extremely easy to find almost any information at the push of a button. A whole industry has been built on providing consumers with access to detailed reviews and ratings of everything from restaurants to physicians which has dramatically changed the […]
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private practice reputation management

Why Your Private Practice Needs Online Reputation Management

Private Practice Reputation Management Clients are looking online when it comes time to choose their therapist, attorney, dentist or accountant. That’s why private practice reputation management needs to be included in every private practice’s client acquisition toolkit. There are numerous places for clients and patients to voice their opinion on the service they receive. From […]
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retail reputation management

Retail Reputation Management

Retail Reputation Management Getting customers to come through your door and purchase your products is a tough task – winning customers online over your competition is that much tougher.  In a retail environment, you need to do everything that you can to win customers and win business. How do you do that? One fantastic way […]
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customer concerns

Addressing Customer Concerns

Addressing Customer Concerns Customers are the lifeblood of any business – no matter what industry you’re in, you wouldn’t have a business without paying customers.  Keeping your customers happy is the foundation of a successful business. Many of the top companies in the world have foundational values that revolve around excellent customer service and satisfaction. […]
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review management system

Why You Need A Review Management System

Why You Need a Review Management System With so many companies now doing business online, it’s important to come up with a strategy that helps you stand out from the crowd.  That’s where the power of the eEndorsements review management system comes in. We do reputation better and we do it for less. Getting your […]
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