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business automation

Business Automation

Business Automation: A Hidden Gem or Even More? Business Automation- Owning a business, regardless of the field or industry, is challenging. The economic environment is brutal. There – we said it. We have no intention of sugarcoating it for you as the more realistic your expectations are, the better you’d be able to handle the […]
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review portals

Review Portals

Review Portals: Are They Truly Beneficial? Yelp, Zillow and Angie’s List – all of these are well-known review portals which people tend to consider a gold mine for their marketing. And, up to a certain extent – it does make sense, right? You get to post your business there and enjoy all the perks of […]
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building strong customer relationships

Building Strong Customer Relationships

Building Strong Customer Relationships: Tips and Tricks Building strong customer relationships is not one of those things that you put on the backburner and wait for your back to be pushed against the wall. Instead, you should undeniably start earning the confidence and the trust of your customers so that any potential setbacks won’t rock […]
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trust marketing

Trust Marketing

Trust Marketing: Essential Considerations Trust marketing, providing customer transparency and having the element of social proof that you or your business is quality is critical.  Trust is something that you build for years and lose in a heartbeat. As much as we don’t like it – that’s the tough truth you have to deal with. […]
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generating reviews

Generating Reviews

Generating Reviews: The Benefits that Stem Regardless of the type of services or products that you’re actively trying to place on the market, generating reviews is quickly becoming the brand new marketing currency as more and more people turn to their peer’s opinions in order to formulate a purchasing decision. This is absolutely paramount in […]
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asking for referrals

Asking for referrals

Asking for Referrals: How to do it Properly Asking for referrals is an extremely important piece to your sales process. As a matter of fact, it’s been said that one of the greatest indicators of the success of a company is the percentage of referrals amongst its clients. Those who are referred usually tend to […]
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leverage your promoters

Effective Ways to Leverage Your Promoters

Leverage Your Promoters Leverage your promoters.  Promoters are a powerful catalyst which can easily power-kick your business, streamlining sales and subscriptions. However, as unfortunate as it may sound, we oftentimes observe companies overlooking the absolutely massive upside which follows leveraging their promoters to their advantage. If you haven’t realized that promoters are by far your […]
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sales follow up

Sales Follow Up

Sales Follow Up: Quintessential Factors for Sales Success Sales Follow Up- When it comes to the outbound sales success, the harsh truth is that there is no one-off magic formula that you can rely on. There is no silver bullet subject line which will miraculously pump up your open rates just as there is no […]
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email subject lines

Email Subject Lines

Email Subject Lines: Tips on Increasing Open Rates Email Subject Lines- Just spend a moment thinking about the amount of unopened or deleted emails that you have in your inbox. If you are like the majority of people, this number is probably somewhere in the hundreds. The truth is that we tend to get a […]
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local business networking

Local Business Networking – Sharp and Effective Tips

Effective local business networking is the attempt of linking individuals or companies together through a relationship of trust and reliability. The ultimate goal is for them to become walking and talking advertisements for each other. Smart networking is all about establishing that foundation of trust, authenticity and identifying the ways you can help others. Face-to-face […]
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negative feedback response

Negative Feedback Response

Negative Feedback: Turning it to your Advantage Your negative feedback response is a big part of your online reputation.  Wouldn’t it be great if all the feedback you get was stellar and glowing? Unfortunately, when it comes to the majority of business venues, the feedback is usually an equal mix of negative and positives. “Here’s […]
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paying for reviews

Paying for Reviews – FTC Guidelines and What Does the Law Say?

Paying for reviews? A survey run by an e-consultancy company and Adobe determined that customer experience is by far the single, most impactful marketing trend and it’s likely to stay this way over the course of the next 5 years. More and more companies are starting to realize that flawless customer experience is by far, […]
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