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video email

Video Email Personalizes Your Communication

Video email is a nice touch to personalize communication.  As a marketer optimization is constant; delivery rates, opens, and click through are a constant study.   We’ve been posting a series on survey conversion, last week we wrote about the importance of personalizing your feedback request.  What better way to accomplish that than video email. Our friends […]
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how to ask for a review

How To Ask For A Review

How to ask for a review in a way where you get high conversion starts with the basic task of just asking. In the last few posts we’ve discussed survey conversion in terms of process and delivery, the mechanics of having an efficient feedback program go along way.  But, we must not forget that a client testimonial […]
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sending surveys

Sending Surveys

Sending surveys is a critical exercise in your business to capture valuable feedback.  Last week we spoke about the criticality of process in survey conversion.  The next consideration in optimizing survey conversion is delivery channel.  There’s numerous delivery option for sending surveys; cards with a web address or QR code, email, text, social media, etc.  The […]
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survey conversion

Survey Conversion

Survey Conversion, It’s fair to say a lot of consumers are a bit survey fatigued.   But, that doesn’t negate the fact that feedback is vital for your business.  Feedback helps you to understand what’s working and identify opportunities for improvement.  Especially feedback components like testimonials and endorsements that serve as social proof in the […]
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client review automation

Client Review Automation- VLOG

Client Review Automation Client Review Automation- put your online reputation on autopilot.  Have a scalable process to capture client feedback and publish positive endorsements across the internet.  eEndorsements has flexible API’s and user controls that make for easy workflow integrations.  Put your online reputation on Autopilot with eEndorsements client review automation.  Easily capture fresh client […]
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eEndorsements Relaunch

eEndorsements Relaunches

eEndorsements Relaunch After several months of development, we’re excited to announce eEndorsements relaunch is complete.  Our new platform, built from the ground up, features a sharp new responsive design, better speed performance and new analytics capabilities.  We also improved stability and – most importantly – survey conversion rates. Response to the new platform has been overwhelmingly positive.  Several […]
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Shine Online

3 Ideas for Business Reputation Repair

3 Ideas for Business Reputation Repair   Starting a business means beginning with a clean slate, particularly when it comes to your reputation. Unfortunately, the slate doesn’t always stay clean. It’s nearly unavoidable that starting and growing your business is process full of trial and error, and sometimes, you need to do a little bit […]
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Customer review automation

Customer Review Automation

The Benefits of Customer Review Automation   No matter how much amazing content you push onto the internet, or how good your services actually are — the majority of your business’s reputation hinges on your customers, and particularly, their feedback. In a sense, the feedback you receive can shape and drive your entire brand, either […]
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optimizing local seo

Things To Consider When Optimizing Local SEO

Wondering how you go about optimizing local SEO?  Last week, we looked at the definition of local SEO, and why it matters to your business. However, as the old saying goes — knowing is only half the battle. Once you understand what local SEO is and what it can do, you have to know how […]
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Local SEO

What Is Local SEO

What Is Local SEO & Why Is It Important?   Local SEO is a highly effective form of online marketing, allowing your business to promote itself to querying customers at the exact moment they’re looking. It uses search engines like Google and Yelp to direct interested parties to your website — and ultimately through your […]
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user generated content

User Generated Content

How To Get Stronger User Generated Content For Your Business   When it comes to generating content to increase your company’s online presence, your customers and clients just so happen to be an excellent resource. In fact, user generated content is a proven and effective way to connect with both current and potential customers. So, […]
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content marketing resolutions

3 Content Marketing Resolutions

3 Content Marketing Resolutions To Improve Your Business In 2017   New Year’s resolutions are a controversial subject for many: Some swear by them, knowing that the start of a new year is a great time to make new promises. Others prefer to eschew formal resolutions in lieu of a general commitment to improvement. However, […]
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