Patient Review Management is here to evolve your practice

Patient review management

Patient review management is the latest buzz word in the medical industry which by large is based on trust only. Patients looking for their health solutions stick to one doctor, Why? Because they believe in his services and trust his care for them. According to U.S. National Library of Medicine, a physician’s online rating on the most sought-after review websites, makes him more likable to new patients and retain its reputation with the present patients.

Likewise, if you own a private medical practice, you should visualize each patient as a positive reviewer for your practice. One positive review on the review website can attract more patients and encourage fellow patients to recommend you more.

As said, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So does your online reputation. Much efforts, sweat and tears have already been put in by you to build your practice. It’s time to evolve your practice, reach the masses and invest in a reliable patient review management software.

eEndorsements is an online review management software which helps to broaden your reach via the positive reviews and feedback. Organization, private doctors, solo practitioners can benefit from eEndorsements patient review management software to spread word of mouth and collect reviews from the top-notch review websites.

Single dashboard- eEndorsements provide a single intuitive dashboard to help you gain insights on the patient review content across various review sites. The customized dashboard provides an interactive view to vital stats such as your average ratings, endorsements received, page reviews and sharing across other platforms.

Collection and scheduling patient reviews- eEndorsements acts as a collection, distributing and marketing man wherein it collects the patient review and effectively schedules it to share and make it visible across various review websites. Thus, ensuring your practice and the positive reviews are marketed and promoted to target audience.

Increased sales– While you must be wondering on how to retract your potential customer, eEndorsements does the work for you. It connects via endorsements to automate the delivery of high response surveys and share the reviews accordingly. The reviews are timely updated on your website that draws traffic as well creates an everlasting impression that gets hitched on the minds of the viewer.

Dedicated profile pages- With all the above-mentioned services, eEndorsements profile pages have the relevant contact information and user-friendly interface to help your clients leave a review without any hassle.

Having said that, eEndorsements is diligent in making your practice a success by delivering services that render patient retention, attract new patients, increase revenue and build an online presence. It also provides a complete review management package which lets you focus on your practice only. The business remains with you, the branding is what we focus more on.