The Power of Video Testimony

Power of Video Testimony

The power of video testimony, there is no question in this age of digital communication that most of the world relies on the availability of nearly instantaneous information. This is especially true when it comes to feedback on products, services, or entertainment.

As the internet world has expanded, so too has the potential for abuse in all arenas. Consumers have not escaped this impact of this problem. It can be difficult to know whose word to trust.

Consumer reviews are universally trusted far more than information provided by a company or producer. This isn’t surprising considering the immense competition that producers face on the web. They are especially motivated to sell their products or services using whatever means possible. This can often lead to exaggerated performance reviews.

The consumer is not unaware of this and so often, they’d rather hear from someone without a vested interest in the marketing of the product or service. However, even in the world of consumer reviews, consumers have grown wary. It’s fairly easy for a biased person or company to pose as an individual and write a review touting the supposed phenomenal aspects of a product or service.

Because of this more recent mistrust, video testimony is an emerging, consumer-friendly medium.

 It’s Authentic

Unlike a written testimony, video allows the person behind the screen to be “seen”. This visibility and connection allows the information seeker to feel as if they are hearing from a real person.

A video also affects the believability of the testimony. The power of video testimony is that consumers are far more likely to believe a person they can see and hear.

Eliminates Information Overload

The sheer amount of information available is enough to give any seeker information overload. When too many options for information sources exist, it’s difficult to determine who has their best information.

The power of video testimony is appealing because of the believability and the accessibility. A consumer is far more likely to click on a single video than to read through pages of written information.

Power of Video Testimony- The Way Of the Future

As the digital method of imparting information continues to develop, the consumer-driven world of online reviews will continue to morph. As the video testimony continues to grow in popularity, more and more sites will likely embrace this wave of marketing.

As a result, it’s imperative that all online retailers or sites that allow for consumers to give feedback on a product or service possess the technical specs to fully support video testimonial.

Access is everything, and video testimonial is the epitome of information access. To not embrace this technology is to be left behind.

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