Why Your Private Practice Needs Online Reputation Management

private practice reputation management

Private Practice Reputation Management

Clients are looking online when it comes time to choose their therapist, attorney, dentist or accountant. That’s why private practice reputation management needs to be included in every private practice’s client acquisition toolkit.

There are numerous places for clients and patients to voice their opinion on the service they receive. From social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to review sites such as Yelp, their opinions flood the internet and make it inevitable that a potential client will find them. There are even industry-specific industry sites such as Realself.com for practitioners providing cosmetic surgery, Avvo.com for attorneys and RateMds.com for doctors. It is certainly easier than ever to find detailed information about private practice professionals.

It may seem complicated and overwhelming to managing all this information and ensuring that your reputation is protected. However, putting together an online private practice reputation management strategy will highlight your practice’s positive client interactions.

What is An Online Reputation Profile?

Your online reputation profile includes your website, social media presence (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.,), online reviews, patient/client interactions on message boards, and online industry publications. All of this varied and detailed information forms an online repository which is quickly and easily accessible to anyone who searches for you and your business. It’s easy enough to manage the digital real estate you “own” such as the information you include on your website or social media pages, but online reviews are a different matter.

Online Reviews Are Crucial

Reviews are valued highly by consumers so it stands to reason that they play a large part in the success or failure of your practice. It can seem to be entirely out of your hands. While you can do your best to provide quality care to your clients, you don’t have any control on whether or not they write a review. All it takes is one unhappy patient or client to write a negative review and your business can take a big hit.  And statistically, unhappy people are more likely to complain than happy people are to praise.

However, it isn’t as random as it may seem. There are ways to manage, review and even promote glowing reviews by using an online reputation management service.  Reviews can be compiled and viewed easily and can even be compared to your competition. You will be alerted whenever your business is mentioned in a variety places such as blogs, news sites, and social media outlets. While some may consider this an additional business expense, private practice reputation management is actually an investment which is no longer optional if your practice is to remain competitive.


Prospective clients will view your online reputation and quickly form an opinion about your practice and how you treat your clients. You will never have an opportunity to change their mind even if you have a professional website and well-written marketing materials. Cultivating and managing a positive online reputation can be one of the most important factors which impacts the success of your private practice.

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