Reputation monitoring- The next big step in online reputation

reputation monitoring

Businesses are mindful of the benefits of online reputation. They are consciously making decisions and incorporating it in their marketing plan. Sometimes in the process of achieving the goals we often forget to do retrospective and hence, reputation monitoring. It is to be understood that simply working out the plans without monitoring the results obtained is a waste of time, money and efforts. Most importantly, you lose out on precious customers by being ignorant to the outcomes. Therefore, one must analyze, monitor and act on the results obtained through the reputation monitoring on various platforms.    

Ranking on Google’s First page: One of the extensively searched places Google is well-known for reputation monitoring. It is the easiest and quickest way to understand your online reputation. The first page of google search results is highly regarded as Mecca by the website owners and marketers. If your brand name or business name appears in the first page of the Google search results, it clearly indicates your online presence. Most of the customers will view the results on the first page of google. The mention of your brand here, means you have been successful in establishing the credibility of the brand among-st the customer.

Related searches at the bottom of Google search page: If you find yourself or your business brand appearing at the bottom of the google search page it indicates a strong online presence as well. This shifts the customers attention towards your brand. This not only makes a business trustworthy but also gets a reliable brand stamp from the consumer’s end. Most of the times people prefer going to related searches at the bottom of Google search page to study further about a person, brand business or entity. One can monitor multiple websites and also look for keywords used to search for your entity or company.

Social media platforms/Blogs/Personal website: Most of the businesses hold a personal website or blog for itself. The amount of traffic is directly proportional to level of the online presence. Various tools help in reputation monitoring in the form of a blog, tweets or Facebook posts. All you need is to type the name of the entity and the tool will display all the requisite information. This will provide insights into one’s online presence within seconds and open doors for reputation monitoring. Other ways of keeping a check on the online performance of a brand is through an influencer’s opinion.

Following this, will handout a real time analysis data. On further analysis, it will equip you with a strategy based on which you can plan and act on the areas which would prove beneficial towards a better reputation online. At last, it would be apt to say that monitoring your company’s online reputation is a not a secondary but a primary task. Ignorance can mean all efforts in vain for that matter of fact. Google, its related searches, blogs, personal websites, and social media are significant methods to track online presence. Did you monitor your reputation.