Reputation Strategies To Implement during COVID-19 pandemic

Reputation strategies crisis management

Amidst the present situation, when the world is fighting against nCOVID-19 pandemic, it is hard to determine what will be the future impact of it. From primary industries like farming to quaternary industries like IT, everyone is suffering losses.But as it’s said every cloud has silver lining, therefore we can initiate and execute reputation strategies in such crisis. The question lies how and what to do in order to contribute in the interest of people globally.

1. Spread the message

The search engines are flooded with the news of the pandemic. In such situations, join hands and spread the message as and when relevant. Include the relevant hashtags like #StayAtHome #StayHealthy #BreakTheChain in your advertisments. Produce advertisements that educate the people. For instance, if you are a software company with a client app, embed the message so that the moment customers starts the application, the message is reflected.
In this way, you are not contributing at global level but also ensuring the betterment of your customers. This will increase trust and build a stronger bond with them.

2. Run a campaign

One of the best reputation strategies implemented during such times is by running a campaign on various social media networking websites.  For instance, a beauty brand can ask its customers to share their SocialDistancing stories. In turn, you can reward them with a surprise or voucher. In case you are a dentist run a campaign by giving them tips on the dental hygiene on different social media platforms. Fitness Trainers can start live workout sessions. Do not forget to add the above-mentioned hashtags.

3. Creative sharing

Out of sight is out of mind. Based on the current situation, the only news that will grab customers attention would be COVID pandemic. People can get negative and an air of fear can spread among them. Brands can utilize the micro moments to grab attention and spread hope in the world. This can be achieved creatively by sharing info-graphics, posters, flyers, quotes, GIFs or stories. Other creative ideas to lessen the stress of lock-down and engaging the world is the need of the hour.

4. Micro moments or macro moments

After lock-down, people are spending time at home. While the micro moments are still in the play, brands can utilize the macro moments. Undoubtedly world will be glued to the smartphones and look for exciting things. In such moments, revisit the reputation strategies that work wonders to engage people with your brand. For instance, post a video with maximum views from the past or tell the world about the history and story of your brand to inspire them.

Now that you are done reading the above reputation strategies, take a minute to pray for the ones who lost their lives and for the ones who are fighting the infection. Spread Hope.

Lets together join hands and make this world a better place to live.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.