Restore and Protect your customers’ trust

The prime responsibility of all organizations across the world is to restore customer trust in the ongoing uncertain situation. After an extended period in lockdown, the countries are opening their local markets with strict rules and regulations for outlets, shops etc. People are excited for the new normal but the footfall in local markets, hypermarkets and malls continues to fall. 

Considering the fact that the uncertain times are here to stay, many markets will find it difficult to attract customers. In such times, it is important to restore customers’ trust. 

Why restoring and protecting customer trust is vital. Because people are skeptical to keep the foot out and unsure of their well-being. This stages organizations to devise means and sources to gain trust of consumers.

Keep reading to learn how to restore the trust

  1. Social Media

There are so many social media networking websites where the traffic has increased. Thanks to coronavirus. The e-commerce industry has grown leaps and bounds. Most importantly the entertainment area where people watch hundreds of videos to kill time. That’s when these moments can be grabbed to attract the attention. Post videos of how safe and secure you and your brand are. Show them how each customer goes through the safety check and how the items on display and salesperson ensure safety.  

  1. Influencer Marketing

Reach out to the influencers present locally and invite them to your outlet. Have them reach out to masses through their reviews of the safety procedures and the hospitality offered in crucial times. To increase the footfall, walk away the influencer with a code that can be used by their followers to purchase and receive the discount. 

  1. Revamp the service delivery 

Another factor to win customer trust is to revamp and define the delivery of services safely and securely. For instance, if you are a food outlet with a dine-in facility, serve the cutlery in a santised envelope and keep hygiene as the top most priority. If you are a salon, make sure the equipment is UV sterilized in front of the customer to give them a sigh of relief and a sense of security. Such tiny but important steps will stand you out of other brands and popularize your dedication in the masses. 

  1. Put the signs

Adhere by the government rules and displaying the relevant signs like “wear the mask” or “Keep social distancing” or marking the points on the floor will increase customer trust in your brand. These signs not only alert the unaware or the ignorant people, it also reminds humanity that we all are in the situation and have to fight our battles together. 

Let us together win this battle against covid19 and come out clean and safe. Let us know in the comments section what you have been doing to combat the situation and how you are winning customer trust.