Make Your Reviews Really Count

reviews really count

The Three Factors That Make Your Reviews Really Count


We talk a lot about the ins and outs of customer feedback, but through it all, we know that there’s one important question that stands out: How can your customer reviews do the most they possibly can to grow your business?


In order to approach this question, business owners must first consider reviews as a whole, not just as individual pieces of feedback. At eEndorsements, our primary function is to help you understand, manage, and streamline the process of doing so. However, we also want our clients to be able to identify and truly grasp where the strengths of customer feedback lie. So what are the most important factors to consider to make your reviews really count?


For starters, it helps to have a collection of quality reviews — 4 and 5 stars, specifically. This is probably unsurprising: Good reviews mean good service, and the more stars you have, the more potential customers see your business as one that can effectively meet their needs.


While having quality reviews is the most obvious factor, the quantity of reviews you have is also crucial. Collecting and showcasing a large number of reviews allows potential customers to see that your company has staying power. Simply put, while you might see a large collection of reviews as an evaluation, a new customer sees each of those reviews as a vote of confidence, and as proof that your business has a strong foundation of good service.


In addition to quality and quantity of reviews, there’s one more important factor to consider — and it’s slightly less obvious.


Imagine a group of customers or clients using your services and offering you feedback. Even if their reviews are glowing (and there are dozens of them), eventually, those reviews are going to be outdated. That being said, consistency is the third factor to making your reviews count. Proving that your business has the ability to consistently get and promote a large quantity of quality reviews is instrumental to your success.


Quality, quantity, and consistency: These are the three factors that make your business’ reviews really shine. Find out more about how you cultivate all three at eEndorsements.