Sending Surveys

sending surveys

Sending surveys is a critical exercise in your business to capture valuable feedback.  Last week we spoke about the criticality of process in survey conversion.  The next consideration in optimizing survey conversion is delivery channel.  There’s numerous delivery option for sending surveys; cards with a web address or QR code, email, text, social media, etc.  The key point to optimizing your survey conversion is delivery and convenience.

Many retail or transactional oriented businesses resort to cards or displays asking for feedback, even QR codes can’t make this a convenient option.  A successful endorsement or feedback program must deliver the survey to the consumer’s device of choice without friction.

Email is a popular means for business because it’s low cost and it’s convenient in operations.  You can easily utilize email campaign management tools for sending surveys across your database.  For email to be an effective means for sending surveys its starts with hitting the inbox.  This is a topic we went to great lengths with our recent version release and I’m elated to report eEndorsements has 96%+ delivery rates for customer surveys, that trend line directly correlates to survey response rates.  Stands to reason if you’re email request has to first hit the inbox for it to be converted.

While email is efficient for business operations, texting yields a greater opportunity for conversion.  Generally speaking  people pay more immediate attention to texts where email tends to collect.  We’re all on our phone with notifications and alerts vs the quick scan we may give our personal email.  Catching your clients attention with text is definitely easier but to keep it long enough to capture their feedback your survey must be mobile friendly, simple and brief.  Check out this video on the eEndorsements phone app as a possible texting solution.

So far we’ve explored survey conversion from process and delivery channel.  Please stay tuned to our next post, we’ll continue the survey conversion topic with tips and best practices around content.  How to best craft your feedback or endorsement request.