Shine out on Google in four simple steps

Google My Business

Undoubtedly, Google rules the kingdom of review websites. Google reviews by large are the topmost viewed reviews that lay foundation for a brand- positive or negative. Customers reported that if asked, they will leave a review, condition being they had an excellent experience with you.

All you need is to direct their focus by sending them review requests and making the work simpler for them and fruitful for your brand. But at the same time, sending requests can be quite a daunting task. Thereby, Google makes it quite lot easier for you to manage and shine out on Google through following ways-

1. Create My Business Account

Your Google My Business Account or GMB is the first introduction in the digital world. When customers search with local keywords, there are high chances of your brand appearing on Google maps app and other products related to Google like Google Home. Along with getting reflected on the Google app searches, there are other interactive features which helps you directly connect to your customers via GMB. For instance, Suggest and edit places your customer in a likeable situation to perform edits on your brand information.

2. Boost your presence if you already have GMB

For all those who already have their Google My Business Profile up and running, connect with your existing as well potential customers during business hours that you mention on your GMB. This will help you achieve a higher score and qualify for local listing.

3. Optimize your GMB Account

To attract customers to your brand, provide maximum information about your brand. From business hours to exclusive amenities, state them on the profile. Add high definition photographs and links to customer testimonials. One wise tip- update your profile regularly so your customers get an idea of what’s happening.

4. Timings matters

Customers value transparency and integrity. They become loyal customers when you keep your promises and stick true to your service standards. This will help your brand as it places your customers in much ecstasy to leave a review. What matters the most is when you hit the right chord. So, make sure the moment customers step out the door, you send emails and texts to make their task easier and leave a comment or review.

Lastly, if this sounds like a heavy task, hire an online reputation management service provider to help you focus on your business while they focus on your online presence and boost your reputation.