Social listening and Online Reputation Management

Social listening

By now social media marketing has become an indispensable unit in promotion and branding strategies. That being said, brands frequently post captivating content, eye-catching videos to blow customer’s mind. While this is an important exercise, there are other opportunities where social media can help build online reputation. It’s called Social Listening.

What is Social Listening

Social Media Listening or Social Listening is a form of customer research where data and insights can be collected and gained respectively by closely watching what the world says, writes and speaks about you on various social platforms. Its can be divided in steps.

1. The first step is to research various platforms for your brand mentions, similar services/products in the market, keywords relevant to brand and competitors.

2. The second step is to analyze the frequency and type of mentions.

  • Frequency-

For instance, a smaller number of mentions indicates poor brand visibility and little awareness in the world or no online reputation. On the contrary, high volume of the same can either be positive or negative. More mentions don’t mean a positive reputation. It can be reputation crisis. This can also be referred to as Social Media Monitoring.

  • Type of mentions

By type of mentions, it means, the sentiment behind the review or mention. The words used can reveal a lot about customer’s feelings. They can be elated, disappointed or might have neutral emotions. This is called sentiment analysis.

Based on sentiment analysis, you can drive your reputation online significantly. Let’s see how to maximize and put to use such sentiments

For positive emotions

– Keep a record of what makes them satisfied or happy. Is it your customer support, quick responses to their queries or even reply on their negative reviews. Bear this in mind and continue doing that.

For neutral emotions

– In situations where people feel your brand is run-of-the-mill and lacks extraordinary features. It’s time to rethink the services and products. Of course, not boycotting the product. Instead, you need to re-strategize how you present it to the world and highlight its extra ordinary features which otherwise world might miss.

For negative emotions

– If you encounter dissatisfied or unhappy customer reviews, you should possess the ability to analyze which area are they unhappy with. Is it with a product, its usage or the service? Such analysis can reveal whether you need to change marketing strategies or rebrand your brand.

– Is it something to do with the product manufacturing or development or is it post service issues.

The analysis can open gates for further plans. And why it matters? Read the following –

1. Enhance engagement

Social Listening can help you connect to world on a personal level. By reading your brand mentions you can curate strategies that fulfill their needs and demands. If they displayed love for the product on a event or occasion, continue the event to increase customer engagement. You can also increase their engagement by asking their suggestions to enrich your research with concrete data.

2. Real Time marketing strategies

Being agile is the need of the hour. By gaining insights on what is being said about the brand, you should be flexible and efficient enough to tweak your marketing or promotional strategies accordingly. One such instance can be researching competitors. If customers are negating their product, you can utilize such reviews to work for you. If they are unhappy, promote your brand in a way to grab their attention. You never know the next wave of sales.

3. Remain Cognizant

The technology has advanced like never. Regular monitoring will keep you updated with the recent advancements in the market. Accordingly, you can plan your strategies, launch a product, revamp existing service or start a campaign to boost your sales.

Last but not the least, Social Listening must be incorporated in the marketing strategies as it is a promising area to revive and refresh your online reputation.