Social Listening tips to amplify reputation in 2020

social listening

In our initial post, we mentioned about what is social listening and why it matters when you are in the digital space. In today’s article we will refer to top tips regarding social listening.

Before that, just a quick walk through of what is social listening. It is a form of online reputation research where data is collected online to gain insights on what the world says, writes and speaks about you, your brand on various social platforms. Not to confuse social listening with social media monitoring. Here, the former is related to sentiment analysis of customers towards your brand or product, whereas the latter indicates building connections and engagement of customers.

That being said, you need to keep a watch on various online platforms to gather the data for the analysis. To enable you with the first fruits, following are the social listening tips for 2020.

1. Define a goal by carefully listening

Before you move ahead and conclude anything, identify the goal that you want to achieve in the coming quarter. The goal will lay foundation for further plans and subsequent actions. Through social listening, figure out customer expectations and market trends. Based on the analysis define a goal.

2. Analyze everywhere

Social listening should not be confined to a single platform. It differs from platform to platform. People have different perspectives on varied social media networks. For instance, on consumer review networks like Zomato or Yelp, you can find out reviews for your current services or products. On the other hand, on blogging and publishing networks like Medium or WordPress, you will get introduced to the market trends, upcoming technologies and get to know where the world is heading to.

3. Perform competitor analysis

It is crucial to run through your competitor’s actions and deeds. Identify their winning points and losing points. Check out if something could be done differently as per your business standards to come to fruition. It’d be helpful to even social listen about what people have to say about the competitors. It will place you in a position to grab opportunities and combat threats that may happen.

4. Social Listen Internally

Social listening isn’t confined to customers, it also means to listen to your employees, co-workers or business partners. They will help in providing a different perspective and contribute significantly to the outcomes. You never when an idea or a simple in-house campaign could provide future insights.

5. Be Agile

Foster a learning environment within the organization. The need of the hour is to learn fast, derive better results or fail fast. Having such a mindset will help the organization to adapt to changes quickly and be able to achieve the desired results.

End Notes

Social listening proves to be fruitful every day. Condition being you adhere to the plan and keep a track of the world as the world’s changing every second and so does the markets are evolving. Coupled with the above tips, it will be easier to conquer the world and make a grade.