Social Media Marketing do’s and don’ts

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing or SMM is a reputable marketing strategy. It has been in the market since long and proved its worth. It not only validates your business or brand but it also increases the customer base. With more and more businesses inclining to social media marketing, it is vital to maintain a code of conduct. By this it means, Social media marketing that maintains your brand prestige and name and doesn’t hurt anyone.  

and name and doesn’t hurt anyone.  

Though it flourished many businesses, yet there are some do’s and don’ts elements that should be taken into account while performing SMM. Let’s learn about these.

1. Do sketch in

Make sure you keep your customers updated by sketching in or painting new information about your product or services. If you underrate this activity, you lose about 14% of your customers. I believe you aren’t in any situations to have those numbers in your upcoming business audit marketing reports.

2. Do listen to your customers

We have been dotting on this from too long. Customers are the face of your brand and you must meet their expectations anyday. Listen to what they have to say about your brand and act accordingly. A brands social responsiveness gives its customer a sense of security and a reason to stay connected.

3. Do homework on the networks

There may be endless social networking sites out there in the market. Wisely choose the network that proves beneficial to you. The quantity doesn’t count, what matters the most is how qualitatively you exploit the at hand social media platform to its best potential. This requires homework from your end and proper utilization of the resources available.

4. Do captivate your viewers

As much as it is essential to listen to customers, it is important to engage and attract them. Captivating infographics, videos and professional photographs ensure the required clicks and increase the traffic on your website.

5. Don’t sound desperate

Behind every post that you do, there is a motive of increasing the followers. And as it’s said, you need to earn respect and love and not beg for it. Begging will repel the potential customer and create a negative market for your brand.

6. Don’t overdo

There are many types of social media marketing. From content marketing to visual marketing, excess of any marketing is bad. If you are putting efforts in email marketing, for instance, try not to create a junk folder for yourself in the customers mailbox. Instead, creatively curate content keeping in mind the strategies of successfully landing in an inbox.  

7. Don’t respond angrily

As discussed above, it is good to be responsive. Bear in mind, customers are prime. Even if they leave negative feedback on your services, make sure you maintain dignity and brand prestige by responding empathetically to the review.

8. Don’t fake

The ultimate goal of social media marketing is to reach out to maximum audience and thus increase the traffic. This doesn’t mean that you start selling what you don’t preach. Faking reviews, testimonials or posts that aren’t relatable are strictly NO when it comes to full-proof SMM.

To wrap-up, believe in your brand and the world will follow.